SoleRebels by Dom Arquitectura and Asa Studi | Retail

This former butchers shop in Barcelona has been converted into a shoe shop furnished with wooden pallets, ropes and tyres. 

Spanish firm Dom Arquitectura and Rwanda-based Asa Studio renovated the narrow interior by stripping away the tiles that used to line the walls then painting over the rough plastered surface and blobs of leftover adhesive with a grey glaze.

Display units made of pallets slung from the ceiling on ropes are used to showcase the Ethiopian brand's range of shoes.

Tyres are hung from the ceiling by thick lengths of rope as decoration, while the ceiling is strung with extra lengths of rope and spotlights.

Metal work benches stretch down one side of the store with space to hold shoe boxes underneath, steel plates protrude from gaps in the pallets on the wall to form individual platforms for the shoes and a folded steel plate stretches in front of the window to display footwear to passersby.

"We had a very small place and a very limited budget," the studio said. "We decided to use natural materials and neutral colours to highlight the product. The colourful shoes should be the element that attracts and stands out to the street walker and the future client."

Photography is by Jordi Anguera.
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