Louis Vuitton Launches a Grand Maison Store in Swiss Ski Resort Town Gstaad

The Louis Vuitton maisons as a concept has raised the level of grandeur in their new stores. They have several of them throughout Asia but their latest one has opened its doors for customers in Gstaad which could be dubbed as the grandest of them all. It is LV’s second store in the famous Swiss ski resort.

Located on the renowned Promenade of the winter resort, the store is rather cozy. The maison has been opened to coincide with the 700th anniversary of one of Europe’s best known winter and even summer destinations. The maison has been built following a new architectural concept which promises a journey of discovery filled with new emotions and experiences.

The New Store is a Prime Example of Alpine Design

The maison has been built on a single level and is a prime example of Alpine design and features some of the most unique and exclusive luxurious furniture. However, the highlight of the exclusive store is the marble and stone wood fireplace that helps create a warm ambience in what looks like a winter ski chalet.

It is the perfect surrounding for Louis Vuitton to showcase its stylish and elegant collections. The interior of the store and its décor has managed to blend the traditional and the modern in a perfectly balanced way with a typical Louis Vuitton touch. The new store stocks the new collections of leather goods, accessories and travel items, complemented by seasonal capsule collections of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and shoes.

New Louis Vuitton Store at Gstaad

As you enter the store the first thing you see is the women’s collections. You see a wide range of city bags crafted out of refined leather which are suitable for daytime as well as evening. The world renowned Monogram and the Damier are on display with the iconic handbags like the Keepall, the Speedy and the Neverfull.

There is a range of accessories on the right to help the women complete their chic look. The store stocks scarves, belts and costume jewelry. As you move into the store you come across the women’s shoe collection curated by Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director Marc Jacobs himself.

Further down the store is the men’s section which comprises of leather goods, accessories and items related to travel. In the end you come to the marvelous fireplace where the clients can relax in the sophisticated salon.

Via: westeastmag
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