Gresso Unveils Cruiser Titanium Phone Series in Limited Edition Design

Cruiser Titanium Phone by Gresso

Gresso has established itself as the manufacturer of luxury communication devices and have perfected the art of being different. They have recently launched their new Cruiser Titanium phone series which is a step ahead of such exclusive mobile phones like the Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds, the Gresso Grand Monaco, Golden Luxor World Time Mobile Phone, the Great Extreme X3, the Gresso Avant Garde Grand Premiere, Gresso White Diamonds Phone and the Gresso Regal Titanium Phone. Their phones are individually hand assembled to make every piece unique. The new phones are completely hypoallergenic and come with a single piece case. The cases are made with the help of some high-precision equipment and made out of titanium that is generally used by the aerospace industry.

The Cruiser Titanium Phone comes in Limited Run of 555 Pieces

The design of Cruiser Titanium phone will be limited to a run of only 555 units. The elegant design of the phone is combined with high precision craftsmanship and the use of some unique materials. The new series has three designs and the models are called the Cruiser Titanium, Cruiser Titanium Black, and Cruiser Titanium Solid. The accurate work on design and the perfection of every detail must be seen to be believed and appreciated. Gresso has developed a special technology to hand polish each individual case for sixteen hours to get the desired finish. Since it is a limited edition design each piece comes with a unique number which is engraved on the device.

The Exclusive Phone Has Been Priced at $2,500

Priced at $2,500, the Cruiser Titanium phone is individually hand crafted through a hard milling technology. The case is created in the shape of a prolonged rectangle but it is a perfect geometrical shape. The 21 keys have been crafted out of matt steel and they contrast beautifully with the coal black glossy front and the black glass panels. Gresso has crafted the phone’s display from solid tempered glass plates. The deep dark color of the exterior has been achieved through a special tinting technology to complete the elegant design. It is truly authentic device in a limited edition design that spells exclusivity and luxury.

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