Cadillac ELR Unveiled at Detroit Will Go in Production This Year

All the major car makers around the world are working on hybrid models but very few have hit the road till now. Cadillac Converj concept has been under development for long as well. Finally the concept seems to be ready to come out as a production machine. 
The prototype of the hybrid model was on display at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new model seems to be an improvement on the Chevy Volt though it shares several elements with it including the same Extended Range Electric Vehicle platform. However it is a bigger and better machine with improved features and better performance levels.

Cadillac ELR Will Run as Pure Electric Vehicle Up To 35 Miles

The new concept design will be taken up for production in Detroit towards the end of the year and will become available at the dealership across the country sometime in early 2014. The new concept ELR shares the same basic hybrid structure as the Chevy Volt. In simple terms it is capable of running as an electric vehicle up to 35 miles and then shift to the traditional mode and start burning gasoline. It has a capacity to run 300 miles on a full tank of gasoline. However the Cadillac differs from Chevy in many ways. First of all the body of the car is very different and there are many differences within the skin as well.

ELR Has More Lavish Interiors and Powerful Engine Compared to Volt

The ELR is capable of changing regenerative braking modes very quickly. It has been made possible thanks to steering wheel paddles which seem to be inspired by the A3 e-tron. While driving, you can tap up or down to increase or decrease the regeneration. It helps in returning more charge to the battery if you don’t need to accelerate or decelerate very rapidly. The LED headlights also give the car a very different look. 

Another addition is the CUE infotainment system. The interiors have also been done up more lavishly when compared to the Volt. The engine with 207hp is also substantially more powerful than the 149hp engine of Volt. The price of the new car has not been decided as yet but will be substantially higher than the $39,145 price tag carried by Volt.
Via: engadget
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