25 Most Expensive Stores and Boutiques in America

Shopping as an experience is unparalleled and with the retail sales figures in the US showing an uptrend it makes sense to find out the best stores and boutiques in the country. Bundle.com has undertaken an elaborate exercise to filter out the very best and most expensive stores in the entire country. They accessed and analyzed data from Visa and MasterCard and processed proprietary data of 20 million card holders and millions of transactions done by them. It was a monumental task as it required the filtering out of places like wholesalers, manufacturers and big department stores. The end result of the mammoth exercise was a list of twenty five priciest stores and boutiques in the United States of America.

Oscar de la Renta’s Flagship Store in New York Tops the List 

It is obvious that all the stores in the list provide fantastical shopping experience to its customers but the price range in which they operate is way beyond the average. These stores cater to the elite who don’t look at the price tag but are more concerned about the experience they get. The list also indicates the average value of per shopper per shopping trip. At the top of the list is Oscar de la Renta. It is the designer’s flagship store in New York where a baseball jersey created by the designer might cost you $2,490. You can very well imagine how much a dress would cost in the store.

Most of the Stores Are Located in New York and Los Angeles

Predictably majority of the stores in the list are located in New York City. The list includes two bridal shops and both of them are also in New York. The rest of the stores are predominantly in Los Angeles. There are some in the fancy neighborhoods of Boston and Chicago. High profile towns like Chevy Chase, Maryland and Naples, Florida have also made it to the list with a store each. You will have to be loaded if you intend to go through the shopping experience they offer because Prada at New York that brings up the rear of the list would cost $1,429 on an average per trip to a shopper. These prices are beyond most of the people but then this list is aimed at the very top end of the consumers.

Via: racked
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