Elite Estate: Luxury Apartments Woo Buyers in Long Island City

Long Island City is not really the place where you would look for luxury apartments. The area does not have a proper supermarket and sleazy clubs and establishments co-exist making it a not very appealing place to live. Greenpoint’s Pencil Factory reduced the price to $500-per-square-foot range. You could now get a 1,050-square-foot 2BR, 2BA condo in LIC’s L Haus for $520,000. There is also another apartment which comes with a rover view and that costs $605,000.

Rooftop cabanas and washer/dryers for everyone are some of the other features in the complex. Now, not many people seem to be excited about spending more than half a million for these apartments and some commenters have gone ahead and said that the prices are not reduced, but are in fact a rip off.
Moreover, there is no information about from what price the rate has been reduced to $500-per-square-foot range. Nevertheless, it would be quite stupid to buy such small apartments in a noisy area for such huge prices. Sometimes, a little homework about the properties would take you a long way and would help you in avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Via: Curbed
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