Now Shop in Style at the Ritz in a Thomas Pink Classic Morgan

When at the Ritz, London you are in the lap of luxury. The hotel ensures that their guests make the best of their stay whilst availing the many amenities offered by the hotel. And this time they will offer you a unique shopping experience which we can assure will be one of its kind. The Ritz Hotel has tied up with Thomas Pinkwell and has come up with a unique London Shopping Programme.

Located in the plush locality of Piccadilly and overlooking the Green Park in London, the Ritz is a five star hotel that has a little bit of historical touch to it. the Ritz, which resembles a Parisian block of flats, is famous for its high tea and ‘Tea at the Ritz’ is amongst the most sought after things to do in London. The Hotel has been frequented by guests like Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and also the likes of Charles De Gaulle. It has always been a favourite of the royalty with everyone from the royal family including Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother having a sip of the very famous Ritz tea at the opulent Palm Court. The Ritz is also hosting a special high tea to mark the historic diamond jubilee celebrations of the Queen.

In the past, Ritz Carlton made quite a name for itself by expanding in Puerto Rico. This was their first ever opening in the Americas and the property is at the Dorado beach. They had initially explored the bay area in Southern Thailand and launched a property in Phulay Bay in Krabi. The property at Dorado beach is slated to be the best and the most popular in the Caribbean area. It is ready for a December 2012 opening. The Ritz Carlton reserve property promises to be huge with over a 100 rooms and 14 one bedroom suites.

Ritz is synonymous with luxury, opulence and style and everything that they do for their guests is nothing short of extravagance. Ritz has made a mark around the worls but it’s the Ritz London that is known for its bit of history and elegance. And this time around they will make your shopping experience an event to remember. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer us thus time around.

The Ritz London, a Thomas Pinkwell Morgan and some Extravagant Shopping

The Ritz London partnered with Thomas Pinkwell and came up with this package for their guests. Once you have checked in at the Ritz the Concierge Desk at the hotel will help their guests chalk out a shopping itinerary which also includes the very famous Mayfair in its list of places to visit. 

Called the Tickled Pink Programme, it includes accommodation in a guest room that by the way looks very Louis XVI. A bottle of champagne and some fruits and flowers will be awaiting you in your room. Once you have made yourself comfortable in your rooms and clearly blended with the rather royal environs of the hotel a very sophisticated and elegant London style chauffer will drive you to Style Central in Thomas Pink custom made classic Morgan.
While shopping you will also be offered a glass of champagne at the Thomas Pink’s flagship boutique. Well if that was not enough, there’s more. Indulge yourself in more luxury by dropping in for some spa therapy either at the Ritz Salon or in your own rooms. When at the Ritz don’t forget the famous high tea at the Palm Court and the English Breakfast next morning.

The shopping spree at the Ritz will cost you £640 ($1000) per night. All set for a delightful shopping experience, are you?

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