Kim Kardashian buys Lamborghini Aventador for boyfriend Kayne West’s Birthday

If you haven’t been ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ lately then have the latest and the most brimming news for you. The American socialite, model, businesswoman, celebutante has surprised her boyfriend of few months Kayne West with a most expensive gift.

Costing a whopping $750,000 Kim Kardashian has gifted her latest beau, who also happens to be fashion designer cum musician and director, a Lamborghini Aventador for his 35 the birthday. What a we say to surprise your loved one we say!
Kim Kardashian and rapper Kayne West have been hogging all the limelight lately in Hollywood’s gossip world. Kim Kardashian, a reality star who is known for her reality show on E! ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, which is reality show about the everyday lifestyle of their family, was last married to NBA player Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets in a much publicized wedding, the celebration of which lasted for about two days, in October 2010.

However, the marriage which also was aired on E! as a two part series ended in a divorce within 72 days. Kim met rapper star Kayne West and many thought it was nothing more than a rebound romance. However, with this sweet and very expensive gesture we think that what Kayne and Kim have is more than just a rebound!
Let’s have a closer look at what the Lamborghini Aventodor looks like and how did our most loved reality star bring in her boyfriend’ 35th birthday!

Kim Kardashian surprises Kayne West

Not long ago the celebrity couple was in news for a rather bizarre incident. It is reported that in order to pull a prank on his girl friend, Kim Kardashian, Kayne West uploaded a not so very cool picture of his girlfriend which ended up becoming a scandal on Twitter. After all the rumours surrounding the scandal were brought to a halt, Kayne West’s mansion in Los Angeles was robbed and looted.

Just when Kayne West was having a rather difficult time in putting rumours off the web and coming to terms with the burglary in his house, his girl friend gifted him just what he wanted. She spent a chilling amount on a man who recently earned $90,300 for only one pair of his Nike Air Yeezy Sneakers on E-bay sometime before his birthday! So why gift someone so super rich a car with such a hefty price tag? Well, that’s what is love we think.

The super luxurious sports car simply suits the designer and rapper’s fast paced personality. The car has a maximum speed of 350 kilometres per hour and ca also do a  0-60 in only 2.9 seconds. The car also has a little anectdote attached to it. it was given the name of Aventado after a bull. Well, the bull in question was no less as it has earned the title of ‘Trofeo de la Pena La Modronera’ for its outstanding performance in the Saragossa Arena way back in the early 1990s.

Kayne West has not seen the car as yet for he’s busy in Ireland performing for his tour. However, girlfriend Kim Kardashian surprised him with a video tape of the car before joining him in Ireland.

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