Bulgari resort in Bali is luxury-defined

On a secluded plateau near Uluwatu you might expect to hear the ancient chants of a long gone culture and also forget the whole world that is noisy and filled with din. The place is called Bulgari Resort, and I know it would surprise you that the fashion house would find themselves in a place like Bali. 

The resort overlooks the Indian ocean and is defined by the dramatic cliffs that jut across. You will also get your own perfectly private beach where you could indulge in golden moments. The  true exoticisms of a tropical culture can be experienced in Bulgari Resort and the Balinese cukltuer and art forms are integrated with Italian style. This is the second luxury property from Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.

The beach can be reached only by an elevator and the specialty spa treatment at the sunset can be one of the coolest ways to spend your time. You could also go and visit a volcano if you are in a fiery mood. Moreover, you would be provided with a personal shopper if you would like to go to the local market. There is also the poolside restaurants and a great place to down yourself with cocktails.

You could also read our previous article about Bulgari Hotel that opened in London. I am sure you would love to stay here. Bulgari is a large fashion house that is known for its amazing design and luxury products all across the world. Living in a hotel designed by them can be more luxurious than anything else!

Hotel Information:
Bali resorts, 5 star luxury hotels on the ocean - Bulgari Hotels
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