Britons Prefer France Over Other Popular Destinations Like Turkey Because Surprisingly It is Cheaper, and Safer!

It has become a summer trend for Britons traveling to France as they enjoy the luxury of safe travel for weekends just for the fun of it. The hospitality and food in France is referred to as finer things in life when the meal is washed down with some wine. This time you have to make sure that getting the best possible price facility across the channel, as it has risen rapidly by 31 percent. Due to civil unrest in the Middle East and North Africa one should opt for safer destinations in Europe. The bookings have fallen steeply by thirty percent due to riots that hit ancient land of Egypt.

According to the co-operative travel’s survey the price of booking for France is £554 per person against £978 to travel to Italy with the 15 percent increase in bookings. In spite of careful planning and execution as well as opting for vacation spots in Europe with reasonable price for cottages, hotels and accommodation could see massive increase in air taxes, cash strapped Britons cannot afford to pay, and may go for cheaper alternative i.e. change in holiday selections.

Mike Greenacre , co-op managing director points out that the price is the biggest factor. As bookings have fallen for Turkey, it is much cheaper to go neighboring Greece. This way a family of four could save £136.
As prices leap dramatically, it is safe to go to Greece instead of Turkey which saves one a lot of money. With similar climates, similar distances from UK, Greece could be a better option for the British holidaymaker. Moreover, France remains the best option, and in spite of the popular perception of France being expensive, for Britons France remains cheaper and more fulfilling than traveling to violence hit Middle East or the economy destabilized Greece.
Via: Dailymail
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