$32,000 Junior Classic Corvette Invites Youngsters To Cruise The Highways

There’s not a single guy on earth who can resist the power of a beautiful car. Being gifted one is often considered as the rite to manhood. After all, the car you drive defines the man that you are. Children so bent on growing up may hunger for the curves of a beautiful car and you really shouldn’t let simple things like a law stop you from getting your favourite kid an awesome car.

The 1956 Corvette C1 may have been best known for the race at the Sebring International Raceway, Florida, but this could better be known as the best gift you could give to a 10 year old. Modeled after the original Corvette, the Junior Classic Corvette can hit the memorable speed of 35mph and looks threateningly like the original, right down to the detailing of the racing number and the single driver-side mirror.

The great exterior of the Classic Corvette hides a 6.9hp 107cc four stroke engine powered by unleaded gas. Driving the car certainly isn’t difficult and it would feel like the real thing. If $32,000 for the Junior Classic Corvette is too much for you then just consider this as an investment in early driving lessons, because once your kid gets some practice in this, he won’t need you to give him lessons.
Via: Hammacher

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