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Marc by Marc Jacobs Ipad case
I love this shade of pink! It says fuchsia on the tag, but it's honeysuckle to me...
 Ipad case, Lodis, lodis.com

neon Ipad case
 neon Ipad case
Louis Vuitton ipad cases
 Louis Vuitton iPad Cases
The cases come both in the Monogram and in the Damier Graphite design. The cases will be priced at 240 USD, which is actually quite reasonable considering regular LV pricing.
The stunning quilted iPad case from fashion house Chanel is made out of leather, and comes with a $1,555 price tag. 

 Joining the league of luxury brands offering exquisite iPad cases is Italian luxury leather brand Gucci. Gucci’s iPad cases flaunt the trademark GG pattern and are truly a class apart. Touted to be the most exquisite and luxurious abode for your high-tech gizmo, these cases are available in three colors and are sure to appeal to every brand conscious gadget freak. The smart cases feature a closing button strap on top and are sure to add a touch of class and luxury to your techie lifestyle.

Now a fashionable leather case for your iPad from Chanel
 Panda case will tempt you to hug your iPad 2 more...
How adorable is this Panda case for the iPad 2? Besides the cute factor charm of it being a panda, the way it’s able to fold its paws and hug your earphones (or whatever small thing you want) so securely is pretty darn irresistible.Being handmade, it even has a pocket on the pack to hold your pens, CDs, any etc. thing you want. There’s even a smaller version that is able to hold you iPhone too.

iPad carying case from a notebook
Materials: a 1 inch thick notebook, an Xacto knife, rubber cement

Newspapers iPad Case | $28.00

iPad2 Zebra Multicolor Pattern Skin Cover Case - $97.00

Vintage Teacups Ipad Skins $56.20/per case

Water Resistant Padded Case-Americana | $28.00

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