Fashion Illustration

by Ligia Fiedler

Fashion Illustration

The art of fashion illustration is to provide a viewer with an insight to make them immensely aware of what is in the trend. A fashion illustration is an excellent platform to flaunt your effervescent collection of witty ideas regarding the design. They are usually more stylized than a traditional portrait.

For example, a facial feature does not render the realistic touch and the bodies are too often slightly stretched out, giving the big and slim appearance with the squared off shoulders. This sort of appearance gives the chic and sophisticated look.

To be precise, it communicates the fashion design by means of drawing. Additional length is supplemented to the legs for the purpose of providing the stylized effect and to furnish the illustrator design with the more dynamic appeal.

Fashion Illustration yields the artist with the freedom to depict the fashion as they yearn for, while in the field of a fashion design, there are hardly any areas to put down your artistic opinion.

There are three categories for the artists of fashion illustration, they are --The Sensualists, Gamines & Sophisticates and Technocrats.

Sensualists are classified to be strong and silent. They work in the fine arts tradition with paint, textures, ink, colors, woodblocks and stencils. They brood over the development of the illustration as the subject matter and they explore the potentials of the Medias (Borrelli, 11).

Gamines and Sophisticates generate an imaginary worlds inhibited by the flamboyant personalities. Their work is figurative and utilizes the elements of caricature and cartooning to formulate the characters and to lay down criticism on their actions.

Technocrats draw but do not finish off with the hand illustration. They digitally transform the illustrations and work towards the end computer generated product (Borrelli, 125).

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