Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho: A Luxury Hotel In The Sky

Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is the capital city’s first luxury hotel. This hotel was created to give locals and visitors a haven inside the crazy city, a place to unwind and relax in luxury.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo has 250 guestrooms, including 11 premier suites, two bars, two restaurants, and a beautiful skyline spa with a swimming pool. The hotel takes up seven floors of a tower, the Tokyo Garden Terrace located in Chiyoda municipality. The tower houses restaurants, stores, residences, and offices. On the top of the hotel, guests are offered panoramic views of the surrounding gardens and parks, Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku city, and the Imperial Palace.

Guests staying at the hotel are greeted with a spectacular view of the Levita lounge, located on the 36th floor. They are greeted with rolling waves of blue light that create an illusion of waterfalls falling from ceiling to the floor. The nearby reception area is clean, light, and modern with gas-burning fireplace and a sculptural seating.

Rockwell Groups is the company behind the lofty design of the Prince Gallery Kioicho hotel, which is a blending of Western and Japanese influences. The hotel is one of the properties owned and operated by Prince Hotels, a hotel and leisure development company with dozens of properties in Japan and abroad that accommodate a more traditional Japanese audience.

The hotel was built to provide an oasis, a residential place with natural themes. So, from contemporary art to the color palettes, there is a calming tone everywhere. Additionally, natural materials including stone and wood and fabrics, such as chenille, velvet, and leather were used to create a natural ambiance. A setting that makes visitors feels that they are still home, yet basking in luxury. And since levitation is another theme of the hotel, each room has a day bed by the window, so you can feel that you are relaxing in the sky.

They even install mirrors at the base of some furnishings to emphasize the notion. What’s more! The bathroom has white marble baths with walls of windows so you can bathe with the views of Tokyo in front of you. As for the temperature, lighting, and window shades, you can control the system using the bedside tablet.

The hotel fine dining venue welcomes guests with a custom chandelier that looks like huge blocks of ice. The restaurant also has a teppanyaki area, sake bar, and a sushi counter that is perfect for a less formal dining experience. Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is a great place to return to after a day of shopping or whatever for the sanctuary in the sky offer luxury that is not found elsewhere in the city.

Via Forbes
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