Casio Hammer Tone Limited Edition G-Shock Watch


Casio will be releasing a limited edition G-Shock watch to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new G-shock dubbed the “Hammer Tone” is in line with other high-end MR-G watches. These watches have as a feature the beautiful materials and durability that makes Casio a popular brand.

G-Shock line embodies the concept of “utility.”  Casio G-Shock watches has the features that paramedics, hikers, athletes and soldiers around the world want in a watch. Classic timepiece lovers looking for practicality and beauty uses G-Shock watches. And the new Casio limited edition G-Shock watches that will be released middle of this year is going to be a watch connoisseur favorite.
In case you are not familiar with this Japanese brand, Casio is well-known across the world. The Japanese watches known for its durability. The company’s high-end line combines two opposing concepts. The concepts of “luxurious” and “strong” are in line with the MR-G models. When combined it resulted in watches that are not just long lasting but also elegant.

This new Hammer Tone is one of those watches that have features that make them a cut above the rest. But, of course, even if the Japanese artisan Bihou Asano incorporates the tsuiki signature. You will still find the G-Shock features that make these watches heritage. Features like shock resistant, water resistant, and tough solar and GPS enabled. By the way, the signature tsuiki finish is an ancient method of decorating weapons and armor. The Japanese tsuiki method gives the Hammer Tone a special Oboro-gin finish. As for the buttons and screws, the Hammer Tone features a copper (Akagane) finish. The Akagane further make the timepiece even more beautiful and sophisticated.

This coming July, Casio is releasing the Hammer Tone. There will only be 300 pieces available as the watches produced to commemorate Casio G-Shock 20th anniversary. The priced is expected to be at $6,000 USD, more than the price of the Speedmaster. But, when you consider and understand what the Hammer Tone stands for, the price is just appropriate.

Hammer Tone watches is a cool product and worth the price. If you consider the timepiece features, you can bet that these watches will sell like hotcakes. There is no doubt that the G-Shock aficionados would snap up the watches as the timepiece durable to wear on daily basis. And elegant enough for someone who wants a beautiful and classy timepiece.

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