Dubai Health Authority Acquires a Lotus Evora Customised as an Ambulance

The efficiency of public servants in Dubai is being increased by injecting speed in their logistics with high performing luxury/sports cars. First it was the Police department which acquired exotic cars like Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin and Bugatti Veyron to chase cases at top speed and now the Dubai Health Authority has acquired a Lotus Evora and inducted it in their emergency ambulance service as the ‘First Responder’. They hope to speed up the paramedics response time to emergencies. Apart from the British sports car the health authority has also acquired two Ford Mustangs. The custom Lotus Evora was showcased to the public last week at the Gitex Technology Week gathering at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The new vehicle is not meant to be a standard ambulance to transport the patients but will be used by first responders who would now be in a position to start performing initial first aid within 3-4 minutes of receiving a call. The sports car, transformed as an ambulance, has been fitted with a responder bag, suction unit, foam splints for fractures, cardiac defibrillators and oxygen bags. The car boasts of a mobile data terminal also to communicate patient data and vital signs to a local hospital. Zaid Al Mamari, a paramedic with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services was very excited about the new addition to their fleet. He claimed that they were now geared up to handle all kinds of emergencies.

The data available with the health authority in Dubai indicates that on an average an ambulance takes eight minutes to come to the aid of a patient. The officials in the agency have set a target to bring the time down to under four minutes. Having a vehicle that can accelerate to 60 mph from 0 in just over four seconds and achieve a top speed of 170 mph will surely help them achieve this target. A team of 50 paramedics will be trained specially to use the new sports car ambulance. In the mean time the health authority will be showcasing their new acquisition in the Jumeirah Beach Residences and Burj Khalifa where the tourists will also get to see it.

Via: carbuzz
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