Porsche Reveals the 2015 Cayenne S E-Hybrid at the Paris Motor Show

Porsche had announced its 2015 Cayenne line up in July this year but earlier this month, at the Paris Motor Show they revealed their Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid which is the latest addition to their vaunted Cayenne SUV lineup. Porsche, as a responsible corporate citizen is focused on reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. 

The new car doesn’t look different than the newly upgraded Cayenne range but it successfully combines emissions-free electric motoring with the power and handling of Porsche’s premium SUV. The Cayenne S E-Hybrid is a parallel full hybrid car which means that the gasoline engine and electric motor can power the car independently or together.

The new Hybrid from the Porsche stable was introduced at the Paris Motor Show by Porsche AG president and CEO Matthias Müller. 

He pointed out that the car features lithium-ion cells with a 75 ampere-hour capacity which enables the car to run on electric power alone in a range of 18 to 36 km depending on driving style and topography. It is the perfect option while driving in the city. 

The car can achieve a top speed of 125 km per hour on electric power alone. The car boasts of a 333hp V6 engine paired with a 95hp electric motor.

The plug-in hybrid and its battery can be charged easily and quickly. If you use an industrial power outlet then it can be charged fully within two and half hours. Even through a standard outlet it requires less than four hours for full charge. The engine in the new hybrid is much more efficient than the earlier Cayenne engine. The fuel efficiency has more than doubled from 12.2 km per liter to 29.4 km per liter. 

It has brought down the emissions level to 79 grams per km which qualifies it to be part of the top “A” grade of the European environmental rating scheme. The pricing of the new model has not been declared as yet but the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid is expected to sell for around €84,000 or around $106,500.

Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania, Luxury 4,3* Hotel


There are hotels. And there is the Hotel Europapark in Tirana. The city's most exclusive address features five-star Albanian lifestyle. 

The open space architecture creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere combined with the highest safety standards. 

Situated on the main boulevard of Tirana with the Ministry of Finances, the presidential palace and all major embassies within walking distance, the hotel has long become a meeting place for the international world of business, politics and art.

Hotel Information:
Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania, Luxury 4,3* Hotel
Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tirana 1000, Albania
Phone: +355 4 223 5035

Aqua Vista hotels the unique experiences

 Aqua Vista Hotels is an international brand that represents and markets a select collection of exceptional independent boutique hotels. This compilation of extraordinary properties caters for every type of traveler, guarantying memorable experiences tailored to your special needs and desires.

Browse through the unique accommodation scenarios proposed by each of our member hotels and make the most of your time for the Mykonos and Santorini destination. Whether it is romance, luxury, adventure or a home-like atmosphere that you are looking for, each of our members can be an ideal starting point for the journey of your dreams. 

We invite you to experience the Aqua Vista Hotels  hospitality
All pictures are  © photography by christos drazos
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Sublimotion,World’s Most Expensive Restaurant offers Gastro Sensory Experience for £1,210

The cost of a meal goes up due to the location of the restaurant as well as the way the meal is presented. Sublimotion, a new restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in the bustling Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza, is serving the most expensive meal. 

They are not positioning it as a simple meal but a “gastro sensory adventure” which cannot be matched by any other restaurant in a hurry. It is the experience they promise which has attracted a long list of high profile customers even at an eye-watering £1,210 a head. All manner of un-named celebrities, Russian oligarchs and multi-millionaires have booked up the restaurant for the entire season.

On the outside it is a non-descript, all-white building. The guests have to get into what appears like a goods lift. The ride in the lift is an experience in itself as you feel like you are descending deep into the ground with the earth rushing past you. 

The experience is very real and you will find it difficult to believe that it is a carefully-staged illusion comprised of video footage. The dining room has a table with 12 seats. Every seat has a small box placed in front which contains three test-tubes – each with the components for a Bloody Mary. As you pour the contents of the tubes in a beaker the concoction starts bubbling and the hostess pours the drink for you in a martini glass.

For the main meal the guests are moved to what appears like an ancient library with gothic architecture and full with books. The food that is served is very good and mouth wateringly delicious but it is served very innovatively. 

Nitrogen-frozen olive oil parcels come suspended on a mini washing line complete with wooden pegs. Macaroon-type cake levitates in front of you on a spinning CD. 

Chef Paco Roncero who is considered one of the world’s greatest culinary talents is behind the extraordinary food. He even alters the temperature and humidity in the dining room to enhance the dining experience. There will be a total of 20 courses including a foie gras doughnut that enters the room by balloon and a clam dish which you eat “under the sea” with jellyfish floating around you. The value of the food may not add up to the heavy price tag but the experience makes it worth it.
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Argos in Cappadocia, Luxury 4* Hotel in Turkey

A stunning terrain formed over millions of years by the lava and ashes spewed from Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasandağı; carved by water and wind over millennia; and sculpted ivory-like by monks, priests and master stone cutters… A dizzying miracle of nature, adorned in bridal white in winter, decked out in red roses and gurgling fountains in spring, full of wild oleaster and nightingale song come summer…

Towering above it all...
Companion to the clouds, Uçhisar boasts panoramic views of the Cappadocia plateau and looks out over the natural fortresses of Başhisar and Ortahisar… Spread out along Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Vadisi), its foothills are a fairyland of charming houses and sprawling mansions connected by underground tunnels, of churches, monasteries and freshwater springs… A unique heritage, and for centuries one of the foremost dwelling places of the people of Cappadocia,  Uçhisar salutes majestic Mount Erciyes every morning and is bathed in silver moonlight every night…

Respecting a legacy...
Ever mindful of the aesthetic charms of this traditional village, with its unique location, hillside layered with homes and sprawling estates of interconnected homes and living spaces, painstaking renovation and restoration was conducted primarily as a way to preserve and enhance this legacy for future generations and only after lengthy consultation with master architect Turgut Cansever…

The soul of a place; a place for the soul...
Patient and painstaking renovations launched in 1997 remain faithful to the spirit of the existing decorative touches and tranquil living spaces, with certain interpretative landscaping, building and rookery modifications designed to create an even more welcoming habitat for nesting nightingales, inquisitive hoopoes and bathing pigeons… 

Uçhisar is located 7 km east of Nevşehir, 12 km west of Ürgüp and 10 km south of Avanos. It is situated in the exact center of the large Cappadocia triangle 80 kilometers from Aksaray to the west, Kayseri to the east and Niğde to the south on the Üçhisar highway. There are daily scheduled flights from Istanbul to Kayseri and the Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport.

The height of simple good taste...
Living spaces designed to heighten the simple pleasures of life: Inviting nooks and crannies, age-old stone enlivened by simple touches, the discerning placement of a few unpretentious objects…
Total number of rooms: 53.
In addition to fireplaces and complimentary wireless Internet access, guestrooms feature climate control along with safes and minibars.

: All designed in a different style, the Argos In Cappadocia offers a great variety of guest rooms and suites at 6 different mansions.
There are 53 rooms, suites and splendid suites with the latter including private cave pools.The rooms are between 17 and 50 square meters in size, while the suites range from 51 to 120 square meters.
Monastry: 3 stone room/4 deluxe/3 suite
Mansion with Tunnel: 5 stone room/1 deluxe/3 suite/1 splendid suite
Mansion Vasil: 1 stone room/5 deluxe/4 suite
Mansion Gemil: 2 stone room/1 suite/3 splendid suite
White Mansion: 1 stone room/4 deluxe/1 suite
Tıraz Mansion: 5 stone room/4 deluxe/2 suite

Located in the heart of this historic region, Argos in Cappadocia was born of the careful restoration of a dwelling that dates back thousands of years and offers its guests a unique lodging experience. With its exquisite location, accommodations spread gracefully over the slope, delightful landscaping that connects the living areas to one another, aesthetic faithfulness to the spirit of the original settlement, exquisite interior decorating and superior service philosophy, this establishment is creating distinction in the region. Its doors are open to anyone who dreams of getting lost in a fairytale land dating back hundreds of years or hear the whispers of history in the underground tunnels that connect the hotel residences.

- 24 hours concierge service
- 24 hours room service
- Central heating
- Wireless Internet
- Hair dryer
- Telephone in all guestrooms
- Laundry
- Rooms and suites with private garden, terrace and balcony are available
- Most rooms and suites have fireplaces
- All rooms are tastefully decorated with antique rugs and carpets as well as unique decoration pieces
- I-pod in all rooms
- Espresso machines in suites and splendid suites
- Daily turn down service


SEKİ Restaurant - Lounge - Cellar

For those who have yet to encounter the mystery of food, eating is simply a matter of survival. However, our local dishes are a rich cultural and historic heritage. Our eyes, taste buds and spirits must all be part of the dining experience just like the unique harmony offered to us by nature and the afterglow Cappadocia leaves in our spirit.

SEKİ Restaurant
Our recipe for success is quite simple! Only fresh local ingredients are used and interpreted with contemporary cooking techniques to create incredible and unique flavors which are complemented with Kalecik Karası and Syrah wines produced with grapes from our vineyards. At SEKI, you can begin your gastronomic journey with duck confit wrapped in chard leaves with spicy apricot sauce and roasted almonds; continue your feast with a main dish of lamb cutlet with grape molasses, “firik” pilaf and fresh garden herbs; and top off your first-class meal with a traditional quince dessert with mince and clotted cream, a local and unique treat.

SEKİ Lounge
SEKI Lounge welcomes you during the most pleasurable time of day to enjoy all the magnificence and splendor of Güvercinlik Valley that stretches beneath your feet like a precious jewel. Enjoy a variety of snacks by the crackling fire or on the terrace for a breath of fresh air with only the sounds of birds chirping to accompany you while sipping your cocktail… the choice is yours!

SEKİ Wine Cellar
The world’s largest monastery compound is in the heart of Cappadociaand it has a unique and unequaled cellar. For thousands of years its tunnels and cellar, where for tens of thousands of years wine has matured in solitude, have patiently waited for the arrival of guests. To experience this magical ambiance first hand, all you have to do is visit SEKI’s underground cellars. At SEKI’s cellar, you will find a majority of the best wines from the Anatolian region,attend wine tastings and get detailed information on Anatolian winemaking and Turkish winemakers.

Prices from: $183.80



Hotel Information:
Title: Argos Turizm ve Yatırım Tic. A.Ş.
Address: Uçhisar 50240 Nevşehir, Türkiye

Alva Park Costa Brava
Cesme Sk. at Cici Ahbab Sk., Nevşehir, Turkey
Phone: +90 384 219 31 30

Find them on facebook:
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