Vertu Ferrari Collaboration Results in Vertu Ti Inspired by F12 Berlinetta

Vertu is known for designing some of amazing handsets and has partnered Ferrari on several occasions to create inspired products. The two iconic brands have come together again and the result is another classy limited edition smartphone. 

The design of the new phone has been inspired by Ferrari’s fastest car on the road, F12 Berlinetta. The classy handset has been named Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition. The stylish phone has the heart of Vertu but design elements of a Ferrari. The exterior of the handset is covered in Ferrari leather which gives it an appearance that reminds you of a Ferrari.

The Prancing Horse Insignia of Ferrari is there on the Rear of the Set

The exclusive headset also has red stitching around the shell similar to that found on the Ferrari’s seats. There are other elements that remind you of the fastest Ferrari car. The rear of the set has been designed in a way that it resembles the tail lights of F12. The prancing horse insignia of Ferrari is emblazoned on the rear of the phone. The metal parts of the phone are covered by Diamond Like Coating (DLC) and black PVD titanium that not only protects it but makes it more sturdy.

Vertu Ti inspired by the Fastest Ferrari Car Vertu Ferrari Collaboration Results in Vertu Ti Inspired by F12 Berlinetta

Only 2013 Pieces of Limited Edition Design Planned for Production

The two brands have a history of passion for design. Their craftsmanship gives them an edge over rivals and their performance is remarkable. The Vertu Ti is also a combination of what is best in both the brands. This handset boasts of another interesting feature which is a Vertu for Ferrari app. It will enable the user to get privileged insight into the world of the Ferrari with exclusive content, bespoke lock screen and ringtones.

This is the closest Vertu has got to the materials, design and sounds of Ferrari than any other Vertu Ferrari phone. This is a limited edition design and a total of 2013 pieces have been planned for production. Getting the details right takes some time so you might have to wait for some time before you can get one in your hand but Vertu is taking pre-orders.
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