Gibraltar to Have a $200 Million Luxury Yacht Hotel

Gibraltar has found a way to overcome the scarcity of land. They are putting up a five star yacht hotel to meet the growing need for luxury hotels. Gibraltar is a tiny British territory on the southern tip of Spain. The yacht hotel being built has been named Sunborn Gibraltar. When completed, it will cost around $200 million and will be moored permanently to function practically as an extension of the land. Gibraltar is an idyllic destination which is very popular with the tourists. Sunborn Gibraltar CEO, Brian Stevendale believes that this is the most effective way of meeting the huge demand for hotels. It is the only way forward for land scarce cities around the world.

Yacht Hotel Anchored in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina

The advantage of creating a yacht hotel instead of a regular brick and mortar hotel is that there is no disruption during the construction. The megayacht is built elsewhere and brought in to be moored at the desired location. The Sunborn Gibraltar which will be anchored in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina and will be 142 meters long. The seven storey high structure will house189 rooms, spa and gym, cocktail lounges, conference rooms, and even a ballroom. It will be amongst the most luxurious hotels in the city. The cost of rooms in the unique hotel is expected to range between $300 and $3,000 a night.

Gibraltar Yacht Hotel Gibraltar to Have a $200 Million Luxury Yacht Hotel
A Similar Yacht Hotel Was Attached to a Resort in Finland

The yacht hotel will be very stable and steady as it will be held by six super strong hydraulic arms, each weighing eight tons. A glass bridge will connect the yacht to the land. The interior of the hotel has been done like traditional luxury hotels and doesn’t look very different from the elite hotels. The large boat was originally built in Malaysia. A similar boat called ‘Sunborn Princess’ was moored at Naantali Spa Resort in Finland in 2002 and the new initiative in Gibraltar will surely encourage the hospitality industry to take up similar projects in other locations across the world. The unique yacht hotel is sure to make Gibraltar more attractive for the tourists. The British territory in the Mediterranean measures only 6.8 square kilometers but boasts of a thriving economy driven by tourism.

Via: edition.cnn
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