Actor Don Johnson won 14 million in a process

Actor Don Johnson has won 14 million on revenues in the process of cop series "Nash Bridges."

Native American actor Don Johnson, aged 63 years, had prevailed in the proceeds from the crime thriller "Nash Bridges", which ran between 1996 and 2001. Thus, the actor was chosen by an amount of 14 million euros.

Don Johnson's trial against the company entered into the light Rysher Entertainment refletoarelor in summer 2010. The actor claimed that its partnership with Rysher Entertainment would guarantee half the profit if filming series over 66 episodes. "Nash Bridges" reached 122 episodes.

In 2010, Johnson received more than 38 million euros, but in October last year the gain was reduced to 11 million, after the company manufac appealed in court, according to the publication "Variety".

  Rysher Entertainment believes that you claim compensation that Johnson had to be determined either by a contractual clause "adjusted gross receipts", or profits from distribution fees and production costs that the company would be charged. The company also claims that this series was a costly one, and having debts of 29 million euros.

Johnson appealed the final decision, but it seems that fighting between the two sides came to an end since the documents before the Superior Court of Los Angeles shows that Rysher has transferred about 14 million by Johnson's production company at the end of January, according to "the Hollywood Reporter".

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