The Stealth Yacht Designed by Philippe Starck is Docked in Miami

Philippe Starck is not a yacht designer but has designed a luxury yacht that is turning heads. It doesn’t have the traditional look of a yacht but one feels that it could be a submarine or even a space ship. Philippe Starck is a generalist but over the past 25 years of his active career he has managed to touch almost every aspect of daily life. His range is unmatched as he has designed houses, hotels, schools, motorcycles, airplanes, boats and even pasta. However, he is basically an architect and about the yacht he said, ‘Physically it is more a fish than a building.’ He had designed the yacht with Martin Francis in 2008.

The Design of the Mega Yacht Will Set New Standards

Philippe Starck has made his creativity compatible with naval architecture. He says that he his secret of success is that he has rigor with his creativity and he totally understands and accepts the beauty, elegance and philosophy of engineering. He has designed sailboats for French builder Beneteau, collaborated on a stunning minimalist racing sailboat called Virtuelleand created several boats for his personal use, including the charming Ara III. However, this project was shrouded in secrecy but he is confident that his megayacht will set new standards for the industry. The 390 feet vessel he has designed makes nearly zero wake at 25 knots. He calls it the ‘stealth yacht’. James Bond would love to own it.

The Cost of Designing and Building the Yacht Was $300 Million

The super yacht was built at a cost of $300 million and it was named M/Y”A” after its first owners Andrei and Aleksandra Melnichenko who had financed the designing and construction of the yacht. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal the master suite in the yacht is encircled in bomb proof glass. The king sized bed rotates at the touch of a button. Stingray hides have been used to decorate the walls. There are chairs that have been upholstered with alligator skin. The details about the yacht are sketchy but reports suggest that there is hidden ‘nookie room’ and a pod like escape system. There is a very elaborate security system in the yacht that includes 44 cameras and a night vision infrared system. The yacht with the looks of a submarine is currently docked in Miami.

Via: huffingtonpost, reddit, showmanagement
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