Supermoon 2013 PHOTOS: Pictures Of Year's Biggest Full Moon

 Did you get a chance to see the supermoon? Don't worry if you didn't. In our gallery of supermoon photos (see below), you can page through scores and scores of spectacular images -- snapped by skywatchers around the world. Many were collected during our supermoon live blog, which has now concluded.

But there's still time to submit any photos you might have snapped of the dazzling celestial phenomenon. You can tweet them to us using the #HPsupermoon hashtag, or submit them directly in the gallery.

A supermoon is simply a new or full moon that coincides with what astronomers call "lunar perigee." That's the point at which the moon is closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit around our planet. Of course, you don't have to be an astronomer to get excited about what a supermoon looks like:

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