Single Seat Concept Model Egoista was unveiled by Lamborghini

In fifty years of existence the brand has established itself right at the top with best brands for company. The carmaker is pulling out all stops to celebrate the 50th year of its existence. They are creating several celebratory designs and even entering into partnerships and collaborations to create the best designs. However, the most unique in the series of designs they have created for the anniversary is the new concept model featuring a single driver’s seat. The stunning model was unveiled recently at a special event.

The Car Will Allow the Driver to Express His Personality

The concept model has been named the Egoista – Spanish for ‘selfish’. The designer believes that this model will allow the driver to express his individual personality without the distraction of passengers. The ultra powerful car boasts of the 592-horsepower version of the Lamborghini Gallardo’s 5.2-litre V-10 engine. The interior of the car has a very minimal design with a racing seat which has a four point seat belt. There are airbags to protect the driver. There are clusters of instruments with one of them located over head like you normally find in jet fighters. Getting into the vehicle and getting out of it is rather tricky. Getting out of the car requires a somewhat intricate manoeuvre on the part of the driver.

The Cockpit is Meant to Protect the Driver from External Elements

The driver must first remove the steering wheel and put it on the dashboard. After opening the canopy the driver must sit at a particular point swivel 180 degrees and set their feet down to depart. De Silva, the lead designer of the car said at the unveiling that the cockpit of the car not only isolates but protects the driver from external elements. The design of the car is futuristic and the cockpit seems to have been taken from a jet aircraft and integrated into a road vehicle. There are flaps built into the bodywork of the car to increase the stability at high speeds. Lamborghini has stabilised for sure and in fifty years of its existence has become one of the world’s most iconic makers of luxury sports cars.

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