New Pictures of All Diamond Ring Released

The creation of the world’s first ring made entirely of diamond was confirmed during Basel 2011 last year. It was an ambitious project taken up by the creators Shawish Jewelers of Geneva. The concept was unique to have a ring that would have no setting and no metal but cut entirely from the most precious stone diamond. As expected, it had created a buzz around the world and the story of the unusual and the most expensive ring had featured on practically all blogs and news sites. The excitement was palpable as the concept had great appeal. However, the creators of the ring had released only a couple of images of the actual ring along with a drawing at the time.
All Diamond Ring Pictures

The same images and the drawing had featured on the web and TV all over the world. Since there were no follow up releases of images or information the excitement died a natural death and people forgot about the unique ring. The story has got a new life as some new images of the ring has been released and is being circulated widely because of its high curiosity value. The shape of the ring is very similar to the plastic gemstone rings that used to be found in gumball machines, the only difference is that this ring is entirely pure diamond. The new images of the ring are stunning and have revived the excitement around the unique creation.

The Process of Making the Ring is Innovative

The ring is crafted out of just one stone which is a single faceted diamond weighing 150 carats. Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry explained that the process of getting the copyright was tedious and took an entire year. Several tests were done on the design to get the circle of the ring perfectly right. Cutting directly into a diamond was the tricky part and special laser equipment had to be procured for the purpose. It was important to preserve the integrity of the diamond. Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change. The unique ring is expected to fetch £43 million ($70.46 million) and the process of making the ring was so exciting and innovative that an in-depth animation video about the process has been made Elia D’Anna.

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