Lamborghini Creates Its Most Expensive and Powerful Car Veneno on Its 50th Anniversary

The very mention of Lamborghini brings about an image of a dream car with the power that keeps it ahead of the rest. The luxury car brand has lorded over the roads for half a century now and to celebrate its 50th anniversary it is outdoing itself and are in the process of creating a commemorative limited edition dream car which they are calling Veneno. The production run is limited to only three pieces and you can’t hope to get anyone of them as all of them have been presold to Zuckerberg and the Koch brothers. They have paid $3.9 million per piece making it one of the most expensive cars ever made.
Lamborghini’s Veneno Engine Has Power of 750 Horses

Veneno is developed on their current flagship Aventador and in some ways is an improvement on the exciting model. The commemorative model boasts of 750 horsepower and the racy exterior has been molded out of carbon fiber. The same style is evident in the interiors with extensive use of an innovative material which Lamborghini has patented under the name CarbonSkin. This material is impregnated with resin and baked like carbon fiber. The material is supple and has been used to make custom forged composite seats. The engine that produces 750 horse power is a modified version of the mid-mounted V12.

Veneno exterior Design to be Honed in a Wind Tunnel

The car with a futuristic design reminds you of Speed Racer’s Mach Five. The exterior has been honed in the wind tunnel to minimize the resistance. The nose of the car looks familiar and reminds you of Ferrari Enzo. The rear of the car features massive LeMans style shark fin spoilers. The wheel arches also help keep the air flowing over the fender flares. The three cars will be produced in the Italian colors red, green and white. The name Veneno has a historical significance. It was the name of a famous bull or should we call it infamous as it had killed a matador way back in 1914.
Via: wired ; Photos: Lamborghini
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