Inspirato Brings Out a New Scheme For Corporate Clients

Inspirato, the luxury vacation club has brought out a new deal custom made for businesses. Called ‘Inspirato for Business’, this new scheme allows companies to book luxury homes for their meetings, incentives and what not. Inspirato is a combination of a luxury travel club, much like the Exclusive Resorts (they were both founded by the same people), and a peer to peer rental like Airbnb. They have multiple tiered memberships, with the basic membership fee of $17,500, which you have to pay upfront and then the annual fee of $3,000. After that, you get to chose a wide array of luxury rentals spread all over the world. Their recent deal with American Express gives card members a $2,500 discount on the initiation fee and $400 on the annual fee.

All the Inspirato properties are multi-million dollar estates that would normally cost thousands of dollars to rent per night. But with an Inspirato membership they cost just a few hundred bucks. An the people at Inspirato make sure their members get the best service. For that, they operate each property themselves. They provide their own furniture, linens, concierge services and other amenities. This way, guests get the best experience without burning a hole in their pockets.

Corporate clients now have access to more than 130 luxury residences spread over the United States, Latin America, Europe, Caribbean, Canada, among other destinations. Companies can also use their trip planning, concierge services and event planning, making the entire trip seamless. According to Inspirato co-founder Brent Handler, most companies spend a lot of money on employee rewards, company retreats, client entertaining etc. Most of these things are held at hotels. But with ‘Inspirato for Business’, they can hold these events at luxury estates. This scheme can be bought on a license basis has its very own web portal. Inspirato has been doing quite well and managed to raise $15.5 million last year. American Express has gone on to purchase a share of the company equity.

Via: TechCrunch
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