Most Expensive Beach Hut Located in Hawaii Listed for $2.5 Million

Recent trends indicate that beach huts are commanding very good price in the real estate market and one such cozy wooden hut has hit the market with an asking price of $2.5 million. It must be a record for a beach hut. The red wooden hut is located in the Hawaiian countryside. The nearby small town is called Laupahoehoe which has a population of only 581. The small little cozy hut measuring only 484 square feet hopes to attract international buyers. Sotheby’s is handling the sale and have pitched the beach hut as a slice of paradise. It provides fascinating views of the pacific and the Laupahoehoe countryside.
The Hut Comes With 20 Acres of Lush Hawaiian Countryside

The steep price tag becomes somewhat justifiable because the hut comes with 20 acres of lush Hawaiian countryside. It is an ideal hideaway if you want to get away from your hectic lifestyle and switch off completely for a break. The tiny home has its own private access road and rocky beach. The residents can fish, snorkel or dive; bring the catch to the hut that boasts of a full kitchen, lounge and sit around a bonfire while the fresh catch gets cooked. You may watch whales, dolphins and turtles playing just off shore. Even by Hawaiian standards the experience cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Laupahoehoe is Located on the Slopes of Mount Kea, a Volcano

Sotheby’s is pitching the wooden home like nothing seen before to its international clientele. The cottage features two carports underneath and a large open common space. The residents are guaranteed their privacy as the cottage and its surrounding farm is far away from the small town of Laupahoehoe and its 581 residents. The unusual sounding name of the town literally means ‘Leaf Lava’. It has been so named because leaf shaped lava formed on its beaches. The town is located on the slopes of Mauna Kea, a volcano which is the highest point in all of Hawaii reaching 33,500 ft from its ocean base. The height gives it a view unparalleled in the entire state. The buyer will also feel proud about owning the most expensive beach hut.
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