King Mohammed VI opens the Royal Mansour for his Guests

The 11th century town of Berber in Morocco has a new resort, the Royal Mansour. It is a paradise palace in the old beatnik trail. King Mohammed VI has taken every care to make it the ultimate in opulence, grandeur and luxury. The cost of stay per night ranges between 1,500 to 35,000 Euros ($1,840 to $42,920). It has been the pet project of the king and he has spared no expense in making it as per his vision.

Karim Fehry Fassy, the sales Director of the Royal Mansour  says that the king has spent an awful lot on the project hence it will never be possible to offer discounted deals like pay for five days and stay for seven at the Royal Mansour. He also said that by allowing the people in who cannot afford the hotel you end up diluting the quality and credibility of your hotel. They would rather take care of the interests of their rich guests who do not want to mix with the non-rich. Like he said “we will never allow a bus to enter the premises of the hotel.”

The 3.5 hectare comfort village consists of 55 imperial Riads (traditional Moroccan open courtyard residences) with individual rooftop pools, marbled spas and three restaurants overseen by three star Michelin chef Yannick Alleno .  There are 55 butlers, one for every riad to take care of every interest of the guests.

Via: Bloomberg
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