Hochzillertal Resort Introduces Ropeway Cabin With BMW 7 Series Interiors

BMW Individual for LEITNER project transforms a ride in a ropeway into a fanciful luxurious experience. This winter it would be a good idea to plan a skiing getaway at the idyllic Hochzillertal resort in Austria’s Zillertal Valley. Luxurious accommodations and fine dining are a given and the experience provided by most of the high end resorts are fairly similar. Hochzillertal resort has created a differentiator by introducing a ride to the slopes that is the ultimate in luxury. Gondola maker Leitner Ropeways has created the uniquely luxurious ski-lift experience. It is a result of a collaborative effort between Leitner Ropeways and the bespoke specialists BMW Individual.

Cabin Interior Syncs well with BMW 7 Series

Together they have created an ultra modern SIGMA Diamond cabin which boasts of an interior with features and comforts you associate with BMW 7 Series. The cabin features leather seats with a massage function. The multimedia system installed in the cabin can be controlled via iDrive and is the same as the BMW 7 Series limousine. The Merino leather clad seats boast of an Alcantara Platinum headliner. There is a dedicated space to stow away some champagne, in case you become thirsty while riding through the sky. It is sure to exceed the expectations of luxury one can have from a ropeway cabin. You don’t need to rough it out on the Alpine slopes anymore.

Guests Can Opt for Premium Early Bird or Premium Skitag Package

It is sure to be the star attraction in the idyllic Zillertal Valley. The valley has 181 kilometers of pistes and 38 lift installations. Guests in the Hochzillertal ski area can opt for the Premium Early Bird package. Costing 150 Euros, the package will entitle the guests to travel in the premium cabin and include exclusive parking spots, porter service, a crystal CD and a champagne reception. The package is for two people and the price includes two ski passes, a brunch and reserved water bed in the sun lounge at the Kristallhütte. The service will be available daily at 8 am and 8.30 am. The Premium Skitag package will cost the guests 190 Euros for two people. The guests opting for the package can have lunch at the Wedelhütte with wine.

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