Hédoné Interiors Creates Jewelry Cushions for Most Exclusive Homes

Hédoné Interiors and its Swarovski crystal studded jewelry cushions have added a glamorous dimension to some of the most expensive homes in the world. Their handcrafted products are a fine example of precision craftsmanship by their expert team in London. 

The Britain based soft furnishings company has built its reputation by meticulously creating products that feature authentic Swarovski crystals that are set individually on some of the best high fashion fabrics. You can trust their experts to use the best and the most renowned tailoring techniques to construct the cushions that are no less than a piece of jewelry.

Team to Provide Fully Bespoke Service

The jewelry cushions are hand crafted and hence completely customizable. In fact the firm encourages you to create your very own uniquely customized piece of opulence. They are the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. The sumptuous fabrics, the Swarovski crystals and the Italian hardware come alive when their expert craftsmen transform the materials into jewelry cushions. Hédoné Interiors also has a dedicated team for clients who want fully bespoke service. They can mould each and every element of the design and color combinations as per the requirement and specifications of the client. However they have a range of most sophisticated and elegant designs of soft furnishings readily available.

The Ready Designs are Also Glamorous Masterpieces

Some of the styles that will appeal to the connoisseurs are the Orlov that creates a textural contrast of pure beauty with its Swarovski pyramid crystal pave set into sumptuous woven fabric. There is the ‘Asuka’ and ‘Yomei’ which have been designed as a pair. Their crystal formations on luxurious duchess silk complement each other. Pellegrina is more of an enhanced classic quilt. De Stijl is again a glamorous masterpiece and is basically an adaptation of an iconic Mondrian composition. Hédoné Interiors has also created a separate and even more exclusive line of Bridal cushions. These exclusive cushions are wrapped in layers of delicately ruffled silk organza and the Swarovski Crystal trimmings are simply decadent. Give them a call and create your own customized piece of opulence to match your interiors.
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