Fly Directly from New York to Washington D.C in Private Jet Charter Flights

For frequent high end fliers like businessmen and politicians flying between New York and Washington D.C there is good news.  Stratos Jet Charters has recently declared that direct private jet charter flights will be available between New York and Washington D.C. Stratos Jets will also provide different kinds of charter jets suitable to the needs of all kinds of travelers. But with election season round the corner this service will mainly benefit politicians and government officials.

After September 11, 2001 terrorist attack many restrictions were imposed on private chartered planes and Transport Security Administration (TSA) had given permission to only couple of airports known as ‘gateway airports’ for operating private charter jets. TSA has now announced that New York’s Republic Airport (FRG) has been added to the list of coveted “gateway Airports”. This will make it very easy for Stratos to provide direct charter flights between New York and Washington D.C.

Clearances from different security and administrative agencies are still mandatory for all private jet charter services. Since Stratos Jets is one of the approved charter services it is gearing up to offer some of the best services.

Via JustLuxe
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