Elite Estate: 17th Century Welsh Manor for £2,750,000

Leyn Peninusla in Wales is known for its gothic castles and brooding hills. The landscape in this part of Britain is so forebodingly beautiful that it would bring out the poet in you. You might have already thought of owning some kind of property in these parts of the world, but mostly they are unattainable or rarely does someone even put it up for sale.

Talhenbont Hall is an amazing manor house that is located in a secluded part of the peninsula. It was built in the year 1607 and was used as a garrison for Cromwell’s army. The estate covers a total area of 75 acres and is one of the best properties that your money could buy you. Along with the manor, you could expect to savour the beauty of original oak-panelled rooms, superb fireplaces and a coat of arms.

There are 6 bedrooms, 4 attic rooms and 5 self catering cottages for the servants. This should be one of the best manors that I have ever come across and if you are fond of the Welsh landscape, you sure are going to love this piece of property. The property is about 5 miles from Porthmadog and costs £2,750,000.

Via: Country Life
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