Hochzillertal Resort Introduces Ropeway Cabin With BMW 7 Series Interiors

BMW Individual for LEITNER project transforms a ride in a ropeway into a fanciful luxurious experience. This winter it would be a good idea to plan a skiing getaway at the idyllic Hochzillertal resort in Austria’s Zillertal Valley. Luxurious accommodations and fine dining are a given and the experience provided by most of the high end resorts are fairly similar. Hochzillertal resort has created a differentiator by introducing a ride to the slopes that is the ultimate in luxury. Gondola maker Leitner Ropeways has created the uniquely luxurious ski-lift experience. It is a result of a collaborative effort between Leitner Ropeways and the bespoke specialists BMW Individual.

Cabin Interior Syncs well with BMW 7 Series

Together they have created an ultra modern SIGMA Diamond cabin which boasts of an interior with features and comforts you associate with BMW 7 Series. The cabin features leather seats with a massage function. The multimedia system installed in the cabin can be controlled via iDrive and is the same as the BMW 7 Series limousine. The Merino leather clad seats boast of an Alcantara Platinum headliner. There is a dedicated space to stow away some champagne, in case you become thirsty while riding through the sky. It is sure to exceed the expectations of luxury one can have from a ropeway cabin. You don’t need to rough it out on the Alpine slopes anymore.

Guests Can Opt for Premium Early Bird or Premium Skitag Package

It is sure to be the star attraction in the idyllic Zillertal Valley. The valley has 181 kilometers of pistes and 38 lift installations. Guests in the Hochzillertal ski area can opt for the Premium Early Bird package. Costing 150 Euros, the package will entitle the guests to travel in the premium cabin and include exclusive parking spots, porter service, a crystal CD and a champagne reception. The package is for two people and the price includes two ski passes, a brunch and reserved water bed in the sun lounge at the Kristallhütte. The service will be available daily at 8 am and 8.30 am. The Premium Skitag package will cost the guests 190 Euros for two people. The guests opting for the package can have lunch at the Wedelhütte with wine.

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Singapore Expected to Retain its Position as the Richest Country Even in 2050

‘Wealth Report’ always makes interesting reading because its subject matter are the rich of the world. Knight Frank which is basically a property consultancy has joined hands with Citibank to come up with this wealth report. According to them people with investable assets in excess of 425 million are considered super rich and the report has been compiled after interviewing some of them to really understand their behavior and preferences. The report tracks the rich countries as well and according to its projections Singapore will be the richest in terms of per capita income in 2050. The interesting part is that the city state is the richest according to the 2010 report and it will manage to retain its top position over four decades.

US Will Be the Only Non Asian Country in the Top Five

The incomes are calculated on per capita GDP at purchasing power parity. In simple terms it means average income after factoring in inflation, cost of living and exchange rates. According to the report Singapore is projected to have a per capita income of $137,710. The others in top five are Hong Kong at $116,639, Taiwan at $114,093, South Korea at $107,752 and bringing up the rear of the top five would be the only non Asian country USA with a per capita income of $100,802. It would be creditable for the large country to make it to the top five despite its relatively much larger population base.

The Number of Asian Millionaires Will Rise More Rapidly

The other interesting projection made by the report was about the rapid growth in the number of super rich, particularly in the Asian region. A rapid growth in GDP provides ample opportunities for large scale wealth creation. With the Asian economies growing at a faster rate the number of high net worth individuals in the region is also expected to grow rapidly. 

There are 18,000 individuals in the region covering Southeast Asia, Japan and China who have assets worth $100 million or more. There number is expected to hit 26,000 by 2016. There are more people in the region with assets worth $10 million when compared to Europe and within the decade they will outnumber those in the US as well.

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Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Becomes the Most Expensive Shopping Area in the World

Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay

The growth of emerging markets led by China has made Hong Kong the most expensive shopping area in the world. A study done by Cushman & Wakefield reveals that New York has given way to Hong Kong as the retailers located in the luxury area of Causeway Bay paid an average of $2,630 per square foot. This was a growth of over 34% compared to the previous year and was fuelled by about 30% growth in sales driven by the tourists and mainland residents. London may be the most expensive when it comes to the super prime real estate but its Bond Street slipped out of the top ten list of the most expensive shopping area resulting from a weak national demand. We bring for you the top ten most expensive shopping area in the world.

Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay

Average annual rent: $2,630/square foot

The luxury goods on Causeway Bay witnessed greater demand mainly by mainland residents who find the prices in Hong Kong cheaper. Causeway Bay overtook 5th Avenue as the most expensive place for retailers.

New York City’s Fifth Avenue

Average annual rent: $2,500/square foot

New York’s Fifth Avenue was a close second registering an average annual rent of $2,500 per square foot. Due to the uncertainties of the prevailing economic environment the retailers are focusing on the tried and tested areas and that’s why Fifth Avenue is their first choice.

New York City’s Times Square

Average annual rent: $2,100/square foot

Times Square in New York City witnessed a marked increase in tourist arrivals leading to a substantial increase in sales of accessories like purses, watches and jewelry.

Hong Kong’s Central

Average annual rent: $1,856/square foot

The Central district of Hong Kong is home to most of the top global brands in luxury, watch and jewelry. The sales have seen a consistent upward trend boosting the rents even in the suburban areas of the main district.

Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui

Average annual rent: $1,547/square foot

Hong Kong has become the gateway to the booming markets of Asia and all its shopping areas have registered booming sales with increasing number of tourist arrivals from mainland China and other regions of the world. More and more retailers are heading to Hong Kong to take advantage of the booming sales.

Paris’ Avenue des Champs Elysées

Average annual rent: $1,129/square foot

The French Government has gone out of its way to welcome the growing number of Chinese tourists and it has helped the retailers in registering a 30% growth in sales. The upward trend has attracted investment in the field of retail development projects as well as luxury hotels. These investments are sure to pay off in the coming years.

New York City’s East 57th Street

Average annual rent: $1,100/square foot

The marginal improvement in the American economy has benefited the shopping areas of New York the most. East 57th Street is one of the most favored shopping areas of the city and the retailers are willing to pay exorbitant rents.

New York City’s Madison Avenue

Average annual rent: $1,100/square foot.

Madison Avenue houses several premier shops and retail stores. The trend is the same for all the high end shopping areas of New York and Madison Avenue is no exception. The area boasts of shops like Rebecca Taylor, Rag & Bone and Theory.

Tokyo’s Ginza

Average annual rent: $1,057/square foot

Any new brand entering Japan likes to do it through a store in Ginza, Tokyo. Brands like American Eagle and Old Navy entered Japan this year, drawing in crowds of shoppers and raising rents in the area.

Tokyo’s Omotesando

Average annual rent: $972/square foot

Another prime street in Tokyo which has gained because of brands like Prada deciding to expand its presence in Japan. Omotesando is a preferred shopping area for anyone who wants to enter the Tokyo market or wants to expand their presence in one of the top luxury markets.

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Villa Belvedere With a List Price of $45 Million is the Most Expensive Home in San Francisco

Villa Belvedere, a large and luxurious estate on the San Francisco Bay is being offered for a private auction sale. Its original list price of $45 million makes it the most expensive home in San Francisco. The current record is held by a Broadway Street home which was listed for sale in mid 2012. But the Villa Belvedere scores over the home in several parameters. The Villa has been built on a gated and lavishly landscaped lot measuring 1.14 acres. The residence, which has been built on three levels, provides 15,000 square feet of living space. Part of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Another portion of the proceeds has been earmarked for a charity of the buyer’s choice.

The Home Offers Breathtaking Views of the Bay and the City.

The reserve price for the luxurious estate has been fixed at $25 million and the bids will start from there. The location of the villa is such that it offers unobstructed and breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, City of San Francisco, Bay Bridge and Sausalito from practically every room built at different levels. The new owner could enjoy the upcoming America Cup Challenger Series and Final Races from the home itself. The Villa had got a makeover when it became the site for the 41st Marin Designer’s Showcase. Twenty four of the most renowned design firms had taken up a room each and transformed it by decorating it in their own personal style for the occasion.

The High Tech Home is Accessible Through Phone or Internet

Villa Belvedere boasts of wrap-around multi-level decks and expansive spaces for indoor and outdoor living. The trophy home features seven newly designed en-suite bedrooms along with nine full and two half bathrooms. The master suite has a separate wing of its own and the owner’s privacy is not disturbed even if there are guests on the property. The high end features include a state of the art home theater; a temperature controlled 2,000 bottle wine cellar, a gym with sauna and steam room and an elevator to access all the three levels. The estate boasts of an outdoor swimming pool measuring fifty feet with poolside cabana and spa. The estate has solar power installations and high-tech integrated technology that allows the owner to access the house remotely through a phone or the internet.

Hédoné Interiors Creates Jewelry Cushions for Most Exclusive Homes

Hédoné Interiors and its Swarovski crystal studded jewelry cushions have added a glamorous dimension to some of the most expensive homes in the world. Their handcrafted products are a fine example of precision craftsmanship by their expert team in London. 

The Britain based soft furnishings company has built its reputation by meticulously creating products that feature authentic Swarovski crystals that are set individually on some of the best high fashion fabrics. You can trust their experts to use the best and the most renowned tailoring techniques to construct the cushions that are no less than a piece of jewelry.

Team to Provide Fully Bespoke Service

The jewelry cushions are hand crafted and hence completely customizable. In fact the firm encourages you to create your very own uniquely customized piece of opulence. They are the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. The sumptuous fabrics, the Swarovski crystals and the Italian hardware come alive when their expert craftsmen transform the materials into jewelry cushions. Hédoné Interiors also has a dedicated team for clients who want fully bespoke service. They can mould each and every element of the design and color combinations as per the requirement and specifications of the client. However they have a range of most sophisticated and elegant designs of soft furnishings readily available.

The Ready Designs are Also Glamorous Masterpieces

Some of the styles that will appeal to the connoisseurs are the Orlov that creates a textural contrast of pure beauty with its Swarovski pyramid crystal pave set into sumptuous woven fabric. There is the ‘Asuka’ and ‘Yomei’ which have been designed as a pair. Their crystal formations on luxurious duchess silk complement each other. Pellegrina is more of an enhanced classic quilt. De Stijl is again a glamorous masterpiece and is basically an adaptation of an iconic Mondrian composition. Hédoné Interiors has also created a separate and even more exclusive line of Bridal cushions. These exclusive cushions are wrapped in layers of delicately ruffled silk organza and the Swarovski Crystal trimmings are simply decadent. Give them a call and create your own customized piece of opulence to match your interiors.

Fly Directly from New York to Washington D.C in Private Jet Charter Flights

For frequent high end fliers like businessmen and politicians flying between New York and Washington D.C there is good news.  Stratos Jet Charters has recently declared that direct private jet charter flights will be available between New York and Washington D.C. Stratos Jets will also provide different kinds of charter jets suitable to the needs of all kinds of travelers. But with election season round the corner this service will mainly benefit politicians and government officials.

After September 11, 2001 terrorist attack many restrictions were imposed on private chartered planes and Transport Security Administration (TSA) had given permission to only couple of airports known as ‘gateway airports’ for operating private charter jets. TSA has now announced that New York’s Republic Airport (FRG) has been added to the list of coveted “gateway Airports”. This will make it very easy for Stratos to provide direct charter flights between New York and Washington D.C.

Clearances from different security and administrative agencies are still mandatory for all private jet charter services. Since Stratos Jets is one of the approved charter services it is gearing up to offer some of the best services.

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King Mohammed VI opens the Royal Mansour for his Guests

The 11th century town of Berber in Morocco has a new resort, the Royal Mansour. It is a paradise palace in the old beatnik trail. King Mohammed VI has taken every care to make it the ultimate in opulence, grandeur and luxury. The cost of stay per night ranges between 1,500 to 35,000 Euros ($1,840 to $42,920). It has been the pet project of the king and he has spared no expense in making it as per his vision.

Karim Fehry Fassy, the sales Director of the Royal Mansour  says that the king has spent an awful lot on the project hence it will never be possible to offer discounted deals like pay for five days and stay for seven at the Royal Mansour. He also said that by allowing the people in who cannot afford the hotel you end up diluting the quality and credibility of your hotel. They would rather take care of the interests of their rich guests who do not want to mix with the non-rich. Like he said “we will never allow a bus to enter the premises of the hotel.”

The 3.5 hectare comfort village consists of 55 imperial Riads (traditional Moroccan open courtyard residences) with individual rooftop pools, marbled spas and three restaurants overseen by three star Michelin chef Yannick Alleno .  There are 55 butlers, one for every riad to take care of every interest of the guests.

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Billionaire Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oréal Sells her Island in Seychelles for $60 Million

Liliane Bettencourt who is best known as the L’Oréal heiress ranks high amongst the billionaires of the world with a net worth of $23.5 billion. She is a businesswoman, socialite and a philanthropist. She has been in the news recently for selling her private D’Arros Island in the Seychelles to an offshore company affiliated with Swiss-based Save Our Seas Foundation. The deal is reported to be worth$60 million plus $10.5 million for stamp duty and other taxes. The island has been taken over with the intention of turning the land into a nature reserve. Mrs. Bettencourt has been under investigation by the French Tax authorities who have ordered her to pay $133 million in taxes for undeclared accounts in Switzerland, Singapore and ownership of D’Arros Island.

She Had Bought the Island in 1997 for $18 Million

She had been at the center of a corruption investigation involving former French President Nicholas Sarkozy and that’s how her other assets came to light. The 89 year old heiress is the most talked about billionaire socialite in France. She had bought the D’Arros Island along with its several neighboring islets for a reported $18 million in year 1997. These islands are part of the Island nation Seychelles that spans across an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the east-coast of Africa. Her ownership of the island wasn’t highlighted but came into the open in 2010 through media reports when the tax authorities were investigating her assets.

D’Arros is a Small Oval Shaped Island

D’Arros Island is a small oval shaped island measuring 2km in length and just under 1km in width. It is located south west of the country’s main island Mahe. It is made up mainly of flat coral sand cay. It is covered with coconut vegetation but boasts of an unpaved airstrip. Mrs. Bettencourt had bought it from prince Shahram Pahlavi Nia of Iran. The news about her selling the island came to light through the press conference hosted by the Seychelles government. The press meet was organized mainly to discuss and announce the future of the island. Mrs. Bettencourt has agreed to pay $8 million as she had failed to involve the government of Seychelles in the sale of the island.

Elite Estate: 17th Century Welsh Manor for £2,750,000

Leyn Peninusla in Wales is known for its gothic castles and brooding hills. The landscape in this part of Britain is so forebodingly beautiful that it would bring out the poet in you. You might have already thought of owning some kind of property in these parts of the world, but mostly they are unattainable or rarely does someone even put it up for sale.

Talhenbont Hall is an amazing manor house that is located in a secluded part of the peninsula. It was built in the year 1607 and was used as a garrison for Cromwell’s army. The estate covers a total area of 75 acres and is one of the best properties that your money could buy you. Along with the manor, you could expect to savour the beauty of original oak-panelled rooms, superb fireplaces and a coat of arms.

There are 6 bedrooms, 4 attic rooms and 5 self catering cottages for the servants. This should be one of the best manors that I have ever come across and if you are fond of the Welsh landscape, you sure are going to love this piece of property. The property is about 5 miles from Porthmadog and costs £2,750,000.

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Elizabethan Coaching Inn Known as Shakespeare House Listed for Sale

An Elizabethan coaching inn called Shakespeare House in a small village in Buckinghamshire County has been listed for sale with an asking price of £1.375 million, or $2.13 million. The inn dates back to the year 1534 and has taken on Shakespeare’s name as he is said to have penned part of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” It was John Aubrey in his collection of biographies linked Shakespeare to the inn and said that he drew inspiration for the comedy while in the village. According to local lore Shakespeare appears on the window of the top floor on April 23 which is supposed to be the day of both his birth and death.

Nick Underwood, the current owner reveals that the inn had later turned into a farmhouse with 150 acres of land. The farm was later sold off in pieces and two American families owned it in the 20th century. Underwood with Roy Elsbury bought the property nine years ago and undertook some structural work but every section was recreated in the original style and form. Despite renovations over the years the 4,250 square foot inn has retained its original character and the English Heritage organization lists it as grade II property which is of more than special interest.

The three story Elizabethan house has a 400 square feet drawing room with a working fireplace and decorated leaded windows. The 250 square feet dining room is also on the ground floor and boasts of an inglenook fireplace, marble floor and paneled walls decorated in a Chinese blue. Modern appliances have been fitted into the rather large kitchen. A Jacobean staircase made from dark wood leads upstairs. The property is currently in use as a luxury guest house with rooms rented for £99 to £250 a night.

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Most Expensive Beach Hut Located in Hawaii Listed for $2.5 Million

Recent trends indicate that beach huts are commanding very good price in the real estate market and one such cozy wooden hut has hit the market with an asking price of $2.5 million. It must be a record for a beach hut. The red wooden hut is located in the Hawaiian countryside. The nearby small town is called Laupahoehoe which has a population of only 581. The small little cozy hut measuring only 484 square feet hopes to attract international buyers. Sotheby’s is handling the sale and have pitched the beach hut as a slice of paradise. It provides fascinating views of the pacific and the Laupahoehoe countryside.
The Hut Comes With 20 Acres of Lush Hawaiian Countryside

The steep price tag becomes somewhat justifiable because the hut comes with 20 acres of lush Hawaiian countryside. It is an ideal hideaway if you want to get away from your hectic lifestyle and switch off completely for a break. The tiny home has its own private access road and rocky beach. The residents can fish, snorkel or dive; bring the catch to the hut that boasts of a full kitchen, lounge and sit around a bonfire while the fresh catch gets cooked. You may watch whales, dolphins and turtles playing just off shore. Even by Hawaiian standards the experience cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Laupahoehoe is Located on the Slopes of Mount Kea, a Volcano

Sotheby’s is pitching the wooden home like nothing seen before to its international clientele. The cottage features two carports underneath and a large open common space. The residents are guaranteed their privacy as the cottage and its surrounding farm is far away from the small town of Laupahoehoe and its 581 residents. The unusual sounding name of the town literally means ‘Leaf Lava’. It has been so named because leaf shaped lava formed on its beaches. The town is located on the slopes of Mauna Kea, a volcano which is the highest point in all of Hawaii reaching 33,500 ft from its ocean base. The height gives it a view unparalleled in the entire state. The buyer will also feel proud about owning the most expensive beach hut.

Egerton Crescent Becomes the Most Expensive Street in Britain

The property prices on Egerton Crescent have grown very rapidly in the last decade to make it one of the most expensive street in Britain. A study conducted by Lloyds TSB found that a typical house on Egerton Crescent today costs as much as £8,136,000. As expected, it is way above the price of an average home in the UK which stands at just£160,879. The street that boasts of elite residents has white stucco-fronted façade and neatly trimmed rows of box trees. A four bedroom family home on the street was purchased recently for a high £12million. It is a quiet street but located centrally and is just a stone’s throw away from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the shops of Knightsbridge.

Egerton Crescent Prime Location & Classical Architecture Attracts Foreigners

The houses have been designed in such a way that they have tiny front gardens only but a community garden and the Hyde Park are not far away. The Lloyds TSB highlights the immense wealth gap that has emerged in the last decade. A five bedroom house on the street had been sold for only £430,000 in 1998. It was resold for £5,130,000 in 2006 and £10,500,000 in 2011 despite the overall real estate market being dull and struggling to come out of the impact of the economic downturn. The super rich foreign businessmen and bankers have been attracted to the street because of its prime location and classical architecture and helped boost the property prices here.

The property prices on Egerton Crescent have grown very rapidly in the last decade to make it one of the most expensive street in Britain. A study conducted by Lloyds TSB found that a typical house on Egerton Crescent today costs as much as £8,136,000. As expected, it is way above the price of an average home in the UK which stands at just£160,879. The street that boasts of elite residents has white stucco-fronted façade and neatly trimmed rows of box trees. A four bedroom family home on the street was purchased recently for a high £12million. It is a quiet street but located centrally and is just a stone’s throw away from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the shops of Knightsbridge.

Egerton Crescent Prime Location & Classical Architecture Attracts Foreigners

The houses have been designed in such a way that they have tiny front gardens only but a community garden and the Hyde Park are not far away. The Lloyds TSB highlights the immense wealth gap that has emerged in the last decade. A five bedroom house on the street had been sold for only £430,000 in 1998. It was resold for £5,130,000 in 2006 and £10,500,000 in 2011 despite the overall real estate market being dull and struggling to come out of the impact of the economic downturn. The super rich foreign businessmen and bankers have been attracted to the street because of its prime location and classical architecture and helped boost the property prices here.

Parkside in Merton Comes Second in Terms of Property Prices

The report has brought out many other facts regarding the real estate pricing holding sway in the UK currently. Parkside in Merton is the second most expensive address in the country with average home prices ruling at over 5 million Pounds. Woodlands Road West in Virginia Water, Surrey is the most expensive address outside London with average home price of £3,201,000. The prime locations have been more or less unaffected by the depressed prices in the property market. The prime property prices in Central London have risen over 50% since the lowest point of recession in 2009. The price of an average home in the UK had peaked at about £200,000 in August 2007 which collapsed during the recession and hasn’t recovered from its impact as yet.

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Bonhams Brings a Right Hand Drive Ferrari for their Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale

Bonhams Brings a Right Hand Drive Ferrari for their Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale

Ferraris gain in value as they age. For avid car collectors rare and vintage Ferraris are the preferred investment cars. In fact it is the 1962 Ferrari GTO that holds the record of the most expensive car in the world at $35 million. It broke the record of another most expensive Ferrari, a 1963 Ferrari GTO 250 which was sold for $32 million. Now the collectors with a special interest in Ferraris have an opportunity to acquire another rare piece. It is an open top stunning red Ferrari 275 GTS Spyder with coachwork by Pininfarina. It is being offered for sale through Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed sale to be held on 29th June. The pre sales estimates have put the value of the vintage car between $590,000 and $650,000.

The car has an added appeal for a Hong Kong buyer as it come with the duty paid in Hong Kong which is a substantial amount in itself. Plus it would prove to be more suitable for buyers in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, UK, India and Japan as it is a right hand drive model. It is a rare piece as only 19 right hand drive units were built out of a total production of 200 in this specific model. Manufactured in 1965 the car was delivered to Colonel Ronnie Hoare’s Maranello Concessionaires on July 19. The car was sold to its first owner Charles Lucas. The current owner in Hong Kong had purchased it directly from Lucas in 1994.

The current owner has got the car extensively restored in the last year or two. The car is presently in stunning condition. The interior of the car delivers on the Ferrari promise. It has generously sized seats. The car features wood veener dashboard which was used for the first time by Ferrari starting for this model. The Ferrari owners and enthusiasts are a class in themselves they are not just rich but very generous. They demonstrated this quality in abundance by collecting $2.4 million in an online auction for the families of earthquake victims in Italy.

Cadillac ELR Unveiled at Detroit Will Go in Production This Year

Cadillac ELR Unveiled at Detroit Will Go in Production This Year

All the major car makers around the world are working on hybrid models but very few have hit the road till now. Cadillac Converj concept has been under development for long as well. Finally the concept seems to be ready to come out as a production machine. The prototype of the hybrid model was on display at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new model seems to be an improvement on the Chevy Volt though it shares several elements with it including the same Extended Range Electric Vehicle platform. However it is a bigger and better machine with improved features and better performance levels.
Cadillac ELR Will Run as Pure Electric Vehicle Up To 35 Miles

The new concept design will be taken up for production in Detroit towards the end of the year and will become available at the dealership across the country sometime in early 2014. The new concept ELR shares the same basic hybrid structure as the Chevy Volt. In simple terms it is capable of running as an electric vehicle up to 35 miles and then shift to the traditional mode and start burning gasoline. It has a capacity to run 300 miles on a full tank of gasoline. However the Cadillac differs from Chevy in many ways. First of all the body of the car is very different and there are many differences within the skin as well.

ELR Has More Lavish Interiors and Powerful Engine Compared to Volt

The ELR is capable of changing regenerative braking modes very quickly. It has been made possible thanks to steering wheel paddles which seem to be inspired by the A3 e-tron. While driving, you can tap up or down to increase or decrease the regeneration. It helps in returning more charge to the battery if you don’t need to accelerate or decelerate very rapidly. The LED headlights also give the car a very different look. Another addition is the CUE infotainment system. The interiors have also been done up more lavishly when compared to the Volt. The engine with 207hp is also substantially more powerful than the 149hp engine of Volt. The price of the new car has not been decided as yet but will be substantially higher than the $39,145 price tag carried by Volt.

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