Pop Art In Living Room

 Decorating living with pop art is quite easy. It’s also a great way to spruce up neutral or dull decor. Choose the theme and color palette of your pop art picture that will suit your living room’s color scheme. Try to be consistent with colors when decorating with pop art or keep the room neutral.

Focal Point
Hang a pop art artwork of choice on the feature wall to create a bright focal point in the room. It wil draw attention but if the rest of the room will be entirely neutral it might also look out of place so add a few bright accents to the rest of the room.
Decorate Empty Walls

If you just want to fill in the empty walls in the living room opt for bigger framed pictures and arrange them so they look good together. You can also choose a one big picture to fill an empty wall.
Echo The Colors

For a more consistent look you could echo the colors from pop art piece in your living room decor or choose the contrasting clashing colors in furniture or accents like throw pillows.

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