Traditional Tile Stoves In Interior Design

Traditional wood-burning stoves can add a touch of history to your interior design. Floor-to-ceiling size of round or rectangular faience stoves looks impressive and decorative. While certainly functional the traditional wood-burning stoves can be very eye-pleasing and add certain allure to the interior design.

The traditional stoves come in rectangular and rounded shapes while their design and floor-to-ceiling size which add grandeur to the interior of the room they’re installed in. The styles of such stoves vary as well from minimalist rounded designs seen in Swedish interiors to decorated and detailed tile designs with patterns and ornaments. Choose the one that fits the look. If the room is minimalist a decorated stove can add detail to it while if the room is decorated opt for sleeker designs.

Also consider the size of the room when choosing between a stove or a fireplace since a full size stove can be a bit overwhelming for a small room. If the room for which the stove is chosen is tight in terms of space opt for sleeker stoves with less decoration and detail.

Stoves as well as fireplaces can be installed in any room including the bathroom. It’s important to choose a proper place for it. Commonly such stoves are installed in the corners of the room but it can be a great addition to a feature wall if the space allows. In the living room a stove can become a gathering spot for a family or a warm and cozy reading nook.
Some stoves come with a mantle-like detail which can be used to display objects as on a fireplace mantle. The upper body of the stove is sometimes enhanced with a mirror which is a good idea if the room where the stove is installed is not generously spaced.

Tile Stoves In Interior Design

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