The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Hire a Superyacht for a Tour of Islands on their Honeymoon

Osama Bin Laden and his killing in Abbottabad, Pakistan by American Navy Seals in a special operation, elbowed the Royal Wedding out of the television screens. Millions of viewing public were left guessing as to where the royal couple would be going for their honeymoon. There was an element of secrecy because of the security issues and the threat perception. Some details about their honeymoon are coming out now. The couple is reported to be honeymooning in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. They have rented a private island with all luxurious amenities for ten days.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as the couple is now addressed as after the wedding have chartered a £2 million luxury yacht in order to take a private tour of islands in the Indian Ocean. The plush boat called Sea Stream is supposed to be the fastest luxury crewed boat for rent in the Seychelles and costs approximately £26,000 per week to rent. The Sea Stream comes equipped with its own jet skis and scuba-diving gear. It is reported that the Prince and his newly wedded wife have made good use of the diving gear to explore the rich marine life in the region.

The Royal couple would spend a day visiting former pirate hideouts in the area. According to reports in the Sun Newspaper the entire area is something out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. There are tropical swamps and the most spectacular wildlife you can imagine, in the area. Farhan Vladi, who runs a private island estate agency, confirmed that the British Royal Couple have rented a private island that costs a whooping £45,000 a night. It was not clear though, if the couple will settle their bills themselves and how much discount will be offered to the privileged couple.
Via: femalefirst, thesun
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