Rein Wuerth’s Infamous Buy Is A Luxury Yacht Called Vibrant Curiosity

The recession has hit everyone rather differently. The rich are ok but the poor are getting poorer. Let’s take the example set by German billionaire Reinhold Wuerth. He is number 93 on The Forbes 2009 list and has made all the moolah thanks to his screw manufacturing business. That apart, the man has been in news for laying off his workers by faking a recession. And now, he has gone on to buy a $100 million yacht.

Touted as a convicted tax evader, this man is busy celebrating the christening of his newly-acquired super yacht, the Vibrant Curiosity. This 85-meter yacht was built at the Oceano dock near Rotterdam. Two diesel engines generate 4,680 horsepower and make it achieve a speed of 18.5 knots.

The interior is also very luxurious. There is a large master cabin accompanied by opulent a VIP suite and several other luxury cabins for 14 guests. Wuerth is keeping mum about his new purchase. The liner is impressive but the infamous history of the owner is difficult to ignore when judging this vessel.
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