Megayachts Are No Longer Uber-Rich Exclusive

Chartering a megayacht is no longer an impossible monetary dream as it used to be. Apparently, there is a particular one that goes by the name of Katania. It was once chartered by Hollywood actress Hilary Swank and her hubby Chad Lowe. At that, you can safely assume that it would have come for a high price of more than $49,500. But not anymore. In fact, the rate is a little less than $3,000 per day.

This is not the only one. In fact, CEO Expeditions, which is a Seattle-based megayacht rental business, charges around $100,000 a week for a 100+ foot yachts. But even those guys have sloshed their prices heavily. So no extra service costs and hidden taxes, one just has to pay enough for the running of the yacht alone.

Coming back to Katania, pay $2950 per day for four people. Two more can be accommodated at $450 extra per person. A great idea for getaway with a bunch of your favorite peoples. And if you don’t have enough moolah, you can always go dutch. The kitchen is controlled by a private chef who shall supply gourmet food at your beck and call.
Via cnn
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