Indoor Courtyard Design Ideas

Indoor courtyard can be a a great addition to the house in an urban setting. While outdoor gardens often require much space the indoor courtyard can be small with a single tree or a mini lawn. indoor courtyard can be constructed in the center of the house with open or transparent ceiling. Thus it can divide the house by areas and as well as provide some private outdoor space with a bit of greenery and plenty daylight.

The house is commonly separated from the courtyard with glazed walls that allow the daylight in as well as allow in the view of courtyard. This creates a nice indoor/outdoor dynamic in the rooms adjacent to the courtyard.
There are plenty of ways to design an indoor courtyard. It can come in a form of a rock garden, Japanese garden, or simply a lawn and pebbles. Adding a bench to the courtyard will give you place to rest outdoors.

Japanese Zen Garden

Are you fond of Japanese gardening? Have you ever dreamed to make one of your own? Then, this is the right page for you to find out on how to build your own Japanese garden.  In this post, you can find out all you need to know about Zen Japanese Garden, also known as Japanese Rock Garden.

The Best Japanese Rock Garden Ideas

Remember, that Japanese gardens are divided on their functions as discussed in the post about small Japanese garden. The Zen Garden, Karensansui in Japanese, originated in XIV century, as a devotion to the Zen Buddhist philosophy. The prominent feature of this type of gardening is the absence of water.

A perfect Zen garden is composed of the carefully arranged rocks, trimmed trees, moss and of course white gravel, that is representing water. The garden does not necessarily have to be big, rather viewable from a point, where you are meditating.

The main attribute of the Zen garden is the rock alignment. There is a strict rock classification, the low vertical (the soul stone), the tall vertical (Body Stone), flat (Heart Stone), arching (Branching stone) and reclining stone (ox stone). The rocks are used in creating the landscape, for instance the borders of the gravel “ocean” are primarily small and round; those representing the big mountains are usually rough and edgy. Rocks are usually placed in threes, with a tall vertical one and two by its side, representing male, female and child statues.

The use of sand is discouraged, because it can be easily disrupted, as opposed to gravel. The ripples on the gravel represent the wavy surface of the water. Sometimes, there are even animal stone representations that a certain action. So it is not uncommon for a Zen garden to carry an easily read metaphorical message.

Aesthetic Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many different ways of creating an amazing kitchen design look that will both be aesthetically pleasing and convenient.
Choosing the right furnishing and materials is crucial. Pay attention to textures, finish and quality of the material when choosing kitchen design. To create aesthetic look in the kitchen opt for interesting shapes but keep them in balance with simpler ones.

 Kitchen Design by Armando Ferriani


Equip your kitchen with the stylish space-saving furnishing to achieve a clutter-free open space look. Make sure to coordinate materials and textures to get a harmonious look. Play with colors to get the best color scheme and carefully plan the colors throughout the interior. There are many different kitchen designs that can make a kitchen look amazing. Curved kitchen islands, bold-colored cabinets and statement lighting can make for an amazing look.


Unexpected shapes and forms add a different aesthetic to the kitchen. When choosing furnishing for the kitchen pay attention to the shapes and lines. There are many various shapes and designs out there that can help bring the new aesthetic to the kitchen look. Interesting shapes in chairs and bar stools can also add a special touch to the kitchen design.


Statement lighting is as important as ambient lighting. Choose interesting lamp designs for kitchen task lighting is important as they create focal points in the room making design look more finished. Also look for interesting shapes that will enhance the decor.

Traditional Tile Stoves In Interior Design

Traditional wood-burning stoves can add a touch of history to your interior design. Floor-to-ceiling size of round or rectangular faience stoves looks impressive and decorative. While certainly functional the traditional wood-burning stoves can be very eye-pleasing and add certain allure to the interior design.

The traditional stoves come in rectangular and rounded shapes while their design and floor-to-ceiling size which add grandeur to the interior of the room they’re installed in. The styles of such stoves vary as well from minimalist rounded designs seen in Swedish interiors to decorated and detailed tile designs with patterns and ornaments. Choose the one that fits the look. If the room is minimalist a decorated stove can add detail to it while if the room is decorated opt for sleeker designs.

Also consider the size of the room when choosing between a stove or a fireplace since a full size stove can be a bit overwhelming for a small room. If the room for which the stove is chosen is tight in terms of space opt for sleeker stoves with less decoration and detail.

Stoves as well as fireplaces can be installed in any room including the bathroom. It’s important to choose a proper place for it. Commonly such stoves are installed in the corners of the room but it can be a great addition to a feature wall if the space allows. In the living room a stove can become a gathering spot for a family or a warm and cozy reading nook.
Some stoves come with a mantle-like detail which can be used to display objects as on a fireplace mantle. The upper body of the stove is sometimes enhanced with a mirror which is a good idea if the room where the stove is installed is not generously spaced.

Tile Stoves In Interior Design

Flamboyant and Chic: Inside Iris Apfel’s Home

Iris Apfel is a famous fashion icon and interior designer. Her work extends from business and interior design to restoration. Iris Apfel has studied art history at New York University and has attended art school. Her impressive style and taste have gained her popularity among many clients, which included the restoration work in White House for presidents from Truman to Clinton.

So if you are interested in how Iris Apfel‘s own home looks like, you came to the right place. Her New York apartment is definitely a place of history, a home to things from various centuries and styles. Things like 18-19th century dog portraits, French chairs, art books, stone pedestals and other have been collected over the years from buying trips.

She first started her own business when she realized that she could outperform her decorator-employer. Seeking out unique and antique furniture and interior pieces was too much exciting and Apfel decided to make interior her profession. Later she has co-founded an Old World Weavers company with her husband. They created unique fabrics and her buying trips all over Europe have shaped what today can be seen in Apfels’ New York apartment.

Particularly being famous for her flamboyant style Iris Apfel says that people believed she could bring her personal style into the interior. Apfel doesn’t create minimalistic interiors, she’s all for abundance, texture and color. Hence she doesn’t deem the great number of decorations and accessories in her apartments a clutter. I agree, beautifully grouped prints, textures and colors can create a truly unique atmosphere, especially when each and every one of those things has been sorted, selected and chosen by someone who has what they call a ‘legendary style’. What do you think of Iris Apfel’s home?

Top 5 Modern Garage Designs

Garage is not the best-looking part of the house. The usually enclosed space makes for dark interior with no windows and hence natural light. Modern garage designs challenge this box-like design and bring light into the garage spaces.

Garage is not the best-looking part of the house. The usually enclosed space makes for dark interior with no windows and hence natural light. Modern garage designs challenge this box-like design and bring light into the garage spaces.

Modern garage design by Indra Tata Adilaras is a part of the project, Split Level House that has a glazed roof and stairs that lead into the house. The garage space and the next room also share a wall with a big glass window which makes the garage look airy and less confined.

Ecospace has created an Autospace, a free-standing garage shed that exists apart from the house and features glazed walls that allow displaying your car and also a built-in storage that will keep it neat and clean.

This fourth modern garage resulted from a house extension by Cut Architectures that built a practice room between the client’s house and the next one which functions as a roof to the vehicle.

And rounding out our top list of modern garages is an in-ground garage design concept that utilizes a special system of hiding the car underground and serving as a sun awning while it stands open.
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DIY Wall Art Ideas

 When it comes to designing and decorating a home, every little section of it is equally important — each room must have its own unique flavor which will separate it from the rest, but will still fit with your theme. While both the living room and the bedrooms get plenty of attention, it is actually the kitchen that gives you loads of creative freedom. So if you are not happy with the look and feel of your current kitchen you should seriously think about remodeling.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

The first and foremost question that you need to address is why you are currently opting for a kitchen remodeling. There can be a variety of reasons, but most of them will include either cramped space, lack of smart storage options, reduced functionality and a look that is not trendy anymore. A culmination of these or even any one of the above should be enough for you to go for a remodeling that suits your needs. But remember that you need to convey what you are looking for to your designer, clearly, so that you get the results you want.

Beautiful DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Of Upcycled Cans

The coolest autumn wreath to decorate our door is definitely one with fall gifts but if you choose leaves, fruit or grass, that won’t be durable. That’s why for this fall wreath you’ll need Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves die, sizzix, Ranger Alcohol Inks in fall colors; felt applicator for alcohol inks, straw, aluminum cans, metal snips, cardboard, circle shapes to trace for inner and outer diameter of wreath, a pen, scissors, 3D foam mounts, duct tape. Rinse out your cans with soapy water and cut them into sheets like my aluminum can rose. Die cut leaves, cut out a wreath form out of cardboard. Wrap the form with the duct tape and apply leaves randomly oriented. Hang your wreath on the door and enjoy the view!  Source: savedbylovecreations

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