A white sand Bahamas island with world's most luxurious private resort goes for sale at $85 Million

For a particular family who actually appreciates exquisite quality, excellence in detail, and an island elegant lifestyle in a tax neutral environment, and to whom serenity, warmth, security and self-sufficiency for long stretches translates into peace and happiness; the owners of an exotic island located in the heart of the Exuma chain in the Central Bahamas, have a deal. They wanted to pass this white sand Bahamas island that not only steals heart, but also wins respect, to the right hands, but in exchange for an astounding amount of $85 million. Though, the price is high, but the owners who have bestowed much love and attention on this island, hopes to find the right buyer that cherishes the island as they have.


The island boasts a total of 5-individual dwellings, including the lavish manor house offering sweeping views, the beach cottage, house for harbourmaster and the twin guest cottages.

Further, this majestic island also comes equipped with a fitness center, entertainment building, separate club style dining, infinity pool, helipad, jogging and bike paths, a charming chapel built of hand cut stone, a working lighthouse, deep draft docks, and even en extended dockage for smaller vessels and seaplane.

All of these notable amenities truly makes it the world’s most luxurious private resort.


In the heart of the yachting paradise of the Exuma chain in the Central Bahamas. Just 30 minutes from Nassau, an hour from Palm Beach.

This 38-acre island, where swirling blues of the sea marry the flat calm of an infinity pool, where numerous numbers of palms are a backdrop for brilliant tropical foliage, where there’s an orchid-filled manor house, also offers the ultimate privacy without any fences or walls.

The island also comfortably accommodates 22 family members and guests, along with a total number of 29 staff members can also be accommodated in the chef and butler’s house.
Notably, a number of renowned celebrities, including, Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry, Tim McGraw, David Copperfield, Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy, to name a few, also own islands in the Exumas, an archipelago of 365 cays and islands in the Bahamas.
Some of the other private islands of the super rich which are on the market for sale includes the scenic 780 acre island property off the coast of Vancouver listed by billionaires Craig and Susan McCaw for $75 million, the Panama, San Jose island, the Savage Jungle Island with 26 waterfalls, and Paul Allen's private island up for sale at $13.5 million.
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