Smart and Sassy Bedrooms

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 There is a plethora of ideas on the high-street to create soft, romantic bedrooms, and frills and fancy are all well and good, but how do we go about creating a relaxation space that is edgy and cool?

Little pops of the same color, distributed throughout your space, can be highly effective too, choose a cherry red or sunshine yellow and scatter at will. 
 Above 2 Via iceci3
 Via Saeed
 Via Hybrido Studio 3D
An unexpected blast of color against a stark wall is a great place to start, and the ideal application is an oversized headboard, which should span most of the wall space, or the wall behind your bed head; be as loud and proud as you dare! 
 Via XM Studio
If you favor a more muted palette, try to be a little gutsier with your shade choices and try an expanse of dramatic slate gray; if you’re not confident enough to slap it on your walls, then how about a large piece of abstract art? You can always change it out later if it’s not for you, or expand on it by painting the surrounding space. 
 Via Blackhaus
 Design by Ismail Köse
 Via Pixcellent
If you have the space, a centrally placed bed is always impressive to behold. Create an audience out of your other pieces of furniture by placing them around the perimeter of the room, and let your bedstead be the star of the show by taking center stage. 

 Via flickr
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