Blake Lively's Gucci Premiere Ad Transports Her to a Desert

Blake Lively, along with Monegasque royal Charlotte Casiraghi, is the latest pretty face to model a Gucci product.

So while Charlotte is fronting Gucci's Forever Now campaign in a comfortable pants and Gucci loafers, it's up to Blake to up the style quotient in the new Gucci Premiere ads. This she does, with lots of sizzle.

In the new TV ads for the Premiere fragrance, the Gossip Girl shimmers in a mermaid-cut dress, first in an apartment overlooking Beverly Hills, and then after a quick spritz of Gucci Premiere, in the lift, on her way out. Of course, the scent of the new perfume diverts Blake to fantasyland. In her case, it's a desert of all places, right in the middle of a photoshoot. Really, Blake?
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