Titanic Original Ticket To Bring In $70,000 At Auction

As the centennial occasion of the doomed luxury cruise liner, RMS Titanic draws near, one of the surviving original Titanic tickets or boarding pass is now being sent under the hammer with an estimated pre-sale value of $70,000. Since the year 2011, there has been a flurry of Titanic memorabilia that has not only managed to raise interest among the rich and the affluent, but has also provided collectors with a rare opportunity to collect historic items related to one of the most famous or infamous ships in history.

The Titanic ticket will be displayed for auction by the renowned auction house, Bonhams in New York on April 14th and 15th 2012. The auction even will bring to light some of the most rare Titanic memorabilia including an original Titanic menu card that displays the delicacies offered to the first class passengers. However, one of the prime attractions at the event is expected to be this boarding pass which even after 100 years, still carry markings and letterings in perfectly good condition.

In the early hours of April 15th, 1912, the presumably ‘unsinkable’ ocean liner Titanic succumbed to a massive collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic ocean. The resulting aftermath of the collision ripped open five of the ship’s compartments, thus leading to massive flooding and the eventual sinking of Titanic, taking along with it the lives of some 1,500 people which were comprised of both passengers and crew. 
The long lost Titanic ticket is considered to be one of the originals at the time of its distribution and is also widely regarded as an integral part of the lost ship’s history. The ticket itself is in surprisingly good condition and with nearly no damage to the artifact, it is safe to presume that the owner of the ticket never boarded the Titanic. The ticket depicts the emblem of Titanic’s parent company, White Star Line and also carries the launch date of the luxury ship which has been mentioned as Wednesday 31st May, 1911.
Via Reuters
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