The Scorpion by Ronn Motors is an Eco-Friendly Supercar

The Scorpion by Ronn Motors gets you the best of both the worlds. With this amazing automobile, you get great performance as well as eco friendly fuel solutions. It is the first supercar of its kind and is all set to revolutionise the world of luxury cars. It uses a combination of standard petroleum gasoline and pure hydrogen gas to fuel its 450 horsepower engine. With this, it achieves 40 miles per gallon and substantially reduces CO2 emissions.

So its good for the environment as well as your pocket. Ronn Motors uses a technology called H2GO Hydrogen On-Demand that has an on board electrolysis that converts water stored on board into hydrogen gas. You would say that there is nothing new here as in the past also some cars have used Hydrogen gas. But all of them had the gas stored in pressurized tanks and were thus quite hazardous. This one does not.

Its V-6 hydrogen-injected roadster engine can produce 450 (Scorpion) or 650(Scorpion HX) horsepower and can attain speeds over180 mph while still maintaining a 40mpg range. But that is not all. The looks match the technology as well. The Scorpion comes with a hand built carbon fiber frame and wicked HID Xenon headlights, chrome molly chassis, Recaro seats, all of which make it look like a million bucks. Only 200 of these babies will be built and will be retailed for $175,000.
Via: AffluentMagazine
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