The Iconic Dress of Marilyn Monroe Fetches $4.6 Million at an Auction

The most published photograph of Marilyn Monroe shows her coyly holding down her dress when a blow of air made it rise well above her knees. It is one of the most popular and iconic shots in cinematic history. The iconic white halter-neck dress that Monroe wore for the shot in the movie ‘Seven Year Itch’ was sold at an auction recently for $4.6 million. That must be a record for a dress. The dress was made for the movie in 1955 and the movie and that particular shot became so popular that the dress has been on the wish list of many cinema lovers and Monroe fans.

Debbie Reynolds who was Monroe’s co-star had taken the iconic gown along with many others when Fox Studios emptied its wardrobe. The price of $4.6 million was much above the pre sales estimates made by experts. The 55 year old dress does not retain its original crystal white color any more. The dress was designed by William Travilla who had used rayon-acetate for the dress as he wanted to give it special pleats. Mr. Travilla while talking about the iconic dress has said that he wanted to make Monroe look clean, talcum powdered and adorable. He was no doubt successful as even today when you think of Marylyn Monroe this is the photograph that come to mind.

Debbie Reynolds, over a period of forty years had created a collection items that were part of cinematic history. Many other famous articles were sold at the auction. Judy Garland’s shoes from Wizard of Oz were sold off for $1.75 million. The racing clothes of Elizabeth Taylor from the 1944 movie National Velvet went for $60,000. Items related to popular films have a connect with the people and that’s what makes it more valuable that it actually is. However the Marylyn Monroe dress is right up there and the record set by it will remain intact for some time to come.
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