Terrace Bar Seating Pods Are a Great Solution for Habitual Drinkers

What could be better than sitting in a confined space on the terrace with some amazing alcoholic drinks? Well, nothing really unless you are sitting with a hot guy to be with. Now, here is a cool seating pod that comes with space to sit, keep things and also manage your drinks.

Terrace Bar Seating pods by Sekhar Roy could be one of the most well designed products lately and it is indeed surprising that a student could create such a wonderful seating arrangement. The swooping arm comes with a cool interchangeable light fixtures, and you could even feel up the person next to you and your husband or lover would never know what you are doing within the pod.

It offers privacy in its own way, and is thus a really attractive design. Sometimes, all we need is a great design but manufacturers do not realize that and instead they unveil products that are mundane and boring, unlike the Terrace Bar Seating pods by Sekhar Roy. The guy is a student at the Florence Design Academy. The academy is well known for its talent pool and this is just an example.
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