Rolf Sachs Unveils the Paint Sprinkled Car Design at Zona Tortona

Most cars are either solid colours or hideously “modded” in order to make them look customized. However, it is heartening to learn that there are designers who would try and turn fuming cars into artistic marvels. London based designer Rolf Sachs teamed up with Smart Car in order to present this amazing car sprinkling art in Zona Tortona, during the Milan Design Week, 2010.

He has used sprinklers in order to spray the car with paint in his own way. There are no particular rules for spraying the paint and thus you would get a really customized car that would almost look free spirited. Sachs has not just painted on the outside of the car, but has gone ahead and sprinkled paint even on the upholstery and dashboard. He has liberally used blue, green, red and yellow buttons which look bright and colorful.

The cars come with a vanity mirror, and he has also designed personalized voodoo dolls with sharp pencils that you could use against some annoying driver during road rage. All you would need to do is take out the sharp pencil from the voodoo doll and poke someone’s eye. The magnetic dashboard comes with paper clips and has a lived-in feel that you may not get with a car that comes out of a showroom.
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