Matrix Compact L28 Tanning Sunbed Burns Stress Completely

If you are looking for a complete solution that offers a complete blend of technology, design, safety, efficiency, low running costs and easy compatibility to burn your stress, then here we have identified one. Called Matrix Compact L28-ER, Essential design with open styling, absolute safety and high efficiency for tanning sessions, superior comfort and extremely compact dimensions are outstanding features that make this solarium a benchmark for the entire sector. Aimed at offering you the complete tanning experience with utmost comfort, the Matrix Compact L28 tanning sunbed comes equipped with 28 high-pressure UV-A lamps, with 5 tanning units arranged radically around the user’s body, 6 lamps on each upper unit and 5 on each lower unit.

The built-in 6 650 W lamps assure an intense facial unit and its authoritative ventilation system can be tailored as per the users’ needs. It has integrated soundproofing and a stereo system with headphones. Accessible on innovative ER reflectors, it guarantees finest allocation of UV rays on the entire body, thereby reaping the possible tanning efficiency for the power emitted.

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