Glamorous Sewing Machines for the Ultra Rich

If you are one of those hot grandmas who go to the Bahamas for winter and to Mongolia for summer vacations, you must perhaps consider slowing down for a while and develop hobbies like sewing. The Brother’s Quattro 6000D sewing machine is an awesome gadget that comes with the most modern specifications and a luxurious interface that you possibly couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

It has a 4.5 inch display and a 5- inch workspace. It comes with advanced embroidery features and 3 USB ports. Now all accepted that it has great technology and looks, but which grand mom would want to sit and sew for so long, just to develop a hobby!

Moreover, sewing machines could be used by anyone, even young men, especially if they are on the pink side. There is no information about price and that means it is going to cost a lot, which is why it is featured on this blog.
Via: Engadget
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