Giugiaro Quaranta concept car is definitely the fastest and coolest hybrid taxicab

We sure would love to ride in a cab that looked like that! The ItalDesign-Giugiaro Quaranta concept car was recently retrofitted with a meter, white paint and a dome light to shuttle fares around the Italian capital at the same rate as any other taxi in the city. It is supposed to be the fastest hybrid car that can reach speeds upto 155 mph and can can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds! The solar powered car is fitted with two solar panels and can fit two passengers.

Though mostly concept cars havent had a long shelf life. They usually do the rounds at auto shows for which they are built and eventually go into museums. Even this car was created to mark the design house’s 40th anniversary and made its debut at the 2008Geneva Motor Show. The Quaranta is powered by the hybrid powertrain from the Lexus RX400h and the above mentioned solar panels.

One lucky customer said: “This city is so full of traffic that only a helicopter would get you where you want to go faster but at least you arrive in real style.” That sure is true. Whats more is that this car is eco-friendly as well!
Via: TheSun
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